Psychological way to improve what you regret by doing "do it later" what you do now

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Although deadline is approaching, we postpone the work or doing other things though the homework submission date is near, but if we get late, it may be a serious threat, but it is quite difficult to act It may be postponed without being transferred toPCN syndromeIt is called. Although it is a PCN syndrome that may lead to the worst situation,Wall Street JournalI am disclosing a method to cure from the point of view of psychology.

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One of the typical behaviors of PCN syndrome is that when you think about the tough tasks to do, you may feel uneasy, trying to change your mood by taking a nap, Facebook, etc. and eventually you are going to postpone it after all. According to Timothy Pychyl, an associate professor at the Carlton University psychology department, even after deferrals, it is not possible to keep the deadline of work after all, it will be a work to do until the end of the end, a worst feeling before the post It is said that it will taste.

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Gisela Chodos, the mother of two children living in Salt Lake City, USA, was suffering from his own habit of "I can not clean up the inside of the car until it got dirty and reaching the limit". Chodos always thought that "Let's clean up later when motivated." Mr. Chodos said that while listening to Ms. Pychyl's podcast one day, I was putting the cleaning up behind is just disturbing the feeling I was thinking "I do not want cleaning" I notice.

Chodos decided to try out some way Pychyl recommended for podcasting. One way is to control emotion, thinking that "I do not want to do because I do not want to do it now that I do not do it now, it will be even worse". Chodos regained motivation by controlling emotions, and now it is now possible to clean the inside of the car frequently.

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Also, the method named "Time Travel Technique" is also effective. Time travel technique is a way to encourage motivation by thinking about the best feeling after completing a task. In addition to motivation, this method also has the merit of increasing working speed.

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People with PCN syndrome tend to have feelings that deny themselves, such as "Why can not I do what I should do?" And "I must act with more responsibility". According to Gordon Flett, a professor at the psychology department at York University in Canada, a negative way of thinking people with PCN syndrome falls back to anxiety about themselves, and in order to avoid this, There is that.

Thomas Flint, who was plagued by the PCN syndrome, tried the method of "forgive yourself" while working on unloading at the time of relocation. It takes one hour to set up and set up the TV from the box without accusing himself that he can not proceed unpacking easily, then, as the reward of the setup as a reward of the setup, the program is to be observed on TV, the amount of the task imposed on him We reduced the number of workers and took a break every time we accomplished and intermittently carried out the work, it seems that we were able to complete the unloading work without delaying.

Pychyl said, "I understand what you dislike, but first try to get started, but it is important to lower the goal of the task to motivate," he advises those who are suffering from PCN syndrome . According to Mr. Pychyl, once you start doing it, you will be motivated more and more while working.

Even if it is not PCN syndrome, it will happen to anyone who will postpone what to do. In such a case, you can imagine yourself regretting that you did not do it, think about how you feel after you accomplish the opposite, or you can restore your motivation without postponing by not making myself warned but not warning you That's right.

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