10 conversation techniques to quickly establish trust with the person you just met

ByVaughan Nelson

I wrote about how former FBI Robin Dreek, who served as an instructor for spying prevention activity training center, wished to master communicationIt's Not All about MeOne of the readers that the life has changed by reading the book saying that you trust each other immediately with othersRapportTechniques to create "10 conversation techniques to quickly establish trust with people I just met"We publish it as.

Ten Techniques to Build Rapport

◆ 01: Restrict conversation time

ByAlex Lomix

For example, when you talk to someone with a bar etc., you may feel a bit annoying or uncomfortable. The reason why I feel like this is that I do not know when the conversation will end. So when I start talking, I can not go without coming home soon, I will let the other party know that the conversation will end soon rather than getting long. This technique seems to have the effect of relieving the danger that the other person feels against himself.

◆ 02: Use techniques that do not require words


There are several techniques that do not use words, one that speaks with a smile. Also, if you tilt your head a little with a smile, you can give the opponent the impression that you are relaxed and trusting your opponent. Also, as you raise your chin, you feel that your opponent is being despised, so it is better to lower your chin and communicate as much as possible.

◆ 03: Speak slowly

ByNicholas B.

Speaking slowly has the effect of letting others trust you. Also, by talking slowly, the other party is effective also when deeply understanding the story and telling important things.

◆ 04: Themed subjects such as sympathy

ByIan Wilson

Most people always regret after refusing help others have asked for. Because humans are biologically structured to accept as they are asked for help.

◆ 05: Suppress ego

ByAnaïs Nannini

Restraining the ego is most effective, but a very difficult technique. However, it is easier than others to give what you want or what you need. What is happening during the conversation of two people is that one person is talking and the other waiting for the conversation to end and the person waiting for the conversation to end is more interesting than the previous conversation It is a feeling that we start talking. Hold on the ego and listen to the story of the other person, and if you tell what you think about what the other party talked about, it will make it easier for a relationship of trust to be born.

◆ 06: I admit the opponent is legitimate

ByNicola Corboy

There are three ways to admit that you are legitimate, one to listen to the other's story. I will abandon my story by listening to the other party's story. The second thing is to consider your partner. Showing compassion by words and actions is a simple and effective way to admit that you are legitimate. The third is to recognize the idea and view of the opponent. If you understand your opponents' opinions and ideas and build your own ideas on top of that, your opponents will be more effective as they agree with your ideas.

◆ 07: How? When? why? To ask

ByYork Berlin

You can tell the other party that casting a question that can not be answered with "yes" or "no" is to listen to the story without thinking about what you want to say.

◆ 08: Connect the price

ByDecoded conference

How to connect a price is a technique to interwork information about you little by little in order to bring out the information of the other party or prolong the conversation.

◆ 09: Pass the gift


Even if it is a present, in this case it means a present of words, that is, a word of compliment. To praise the other is a technique that is indispensable for building a relationship of trust. The key to this technique is to intentionally praise your opponent. Promising your opponent with consciousness is likely to be dishonest.

◆ 10: Manage my will


Restrain your will and purpose, try to gain the benefit of others without looking for your own lossAltruistic behaviorIt is quite effective in building Rapport.

In other words, throwing away your ego and thinking first of the other party anyhow seems to be a shortcut to establish a relationship of trust as soon as possible with the person you just met.

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