It is obvious that the effects of mental illness differ between males and females

According to recent research, the influence of a certain type of mental illness seems to change according to gender difference. Even if you are suffering from the same mental illness, in case of men, "drug substance abuse" or "Antisocial personality disorderIt is highly likely that it will be diagnosed as "anxiety disorder" or "depression" if it is a woman.

Mental Illness Affects Women, Men Differently, Study Finds - Health News -

This research was conducted on August 17The Journal of Abnormal PsychologyIt was announced in the online version of.The National Institutes of HealthHas been analyzed by the data of 43,000 people collected in 2001 and 2002. "Based on these research results, we will need prophylaxis and treatment to suit sex in the future," researchers said.

According to the research team, in men and women there is a difference in how to put emotions outwards or stay inside, which could explain the change in incidence due to sex of many mental health problems It is said that it may. A woman with anxiety disorder keeps her feelings inside because there is a high possibility that it leads to withdrawal, loneliness, depression, but in the case of men, expressing her feelings aggressively and impulsively, high pressure It seems that there is a high possibility of taking a positive attitude. Researchers recommend that patients with psychiatric disorders should use different treatment regimens for both males and females.

"In order to prevent women with depression and anxiety disorder from occurring, it is necessary to prevent" depressed mouth rupture (self-depressed mood / symptoms and the causes and consequences of falling into that state negatively ") We should focus on coping and cognitive abilities, "Colla Eaton of the University of Minnesota told in a journal news release. Furthermore, it adds "In the case of a man who performs an impulsive action, it would be better to form a positive trend in non-destructive behavior such as rewarding planned behavior."

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