Impact of a nap on the brain, such as a rise in memory ability and learning ability, and a method of optimum nap


Some people feel that their heads are refreshed and their concentration ability increases as they take a nap, and some people may not be able to sleep at night when they take a nap too much. In fact, it is widely known how nap is affecting the body It is not known. Effects on such a nap body and brainBufferIt is open to the public.

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Sleep is said to bring a lot of health benefits, for example, there are health benefits such as elevated heart function, hormone maintenance and cell repair, memory and cognition increase. Basically sleeping in the evening is the time to recover the body that moved for a day and is like the repair period for the next day.

So what sort of effect does it have on sleep "nap" taken in the day?

◆ 1: Improve your memory

ByCornelia Kopp

It will be better to increase your memory ability by taking a nap,It turns out from one experimentdoing. In that experiment, we divided subjects into two groups, ask them to remember cards with illustrations, and ask them to take a nap in one group and not to have a nap in another group, Perform a test to see if I stored illustrations. As a result of the test, the group who did the nap holds higher results than the group did not do. According to researchers, once memory is in the brainHippocampusIt is kept in a place called napping, the data recorded in the hippocampus is hard to be rewrittenCerebral neocortexIt is said that it has the effect of moving it to the place called.

◆ 2: Increase in learning ability


Experiments conducted by a research team at the University of CaliforniaI also know that a nap increases the learning function of the brain. Subjects divided into two groups cleared tasks given around noon with nearly the same results. After that, one group had a nap of one and a half hours, and once again gave a different task to the two groups at 18 o'clock, the group who took a nap clearly made a good result.

Dr. Walker, who led the experiment, says, "By refraining the hippocampus full of information by refreshing the information, it became easier to absorb information like a sponge, by taking a nap."

ByHoria Varlan

◆ 3: Recovery of asthenopia


I teach psychology at the University of CaliforniaDr. Sarah Mendic's studyAccording to him, the nap of 60 to 90 minutes has the effect of taking aesthetic fatigue as much as night's sleep. From this study it is known that the eyes are recovering from fatigue while sleeping.

Although there is a big merit in health and brain in nap, it is said that if you do not take a nap in the best way it will not show its effect,Four ways to make an optimal napIs summarized.

◆ 1: Know the time to sleep

ByHobvias sudoneighm

One way to examine the time to sleep is to set a timer after thinking about sleeping, sitting on a chair and sleeping while grasping the car key on the right hand. It is also the moment when the key falls to sleep, so we can measure the time to sleep. However, it is not written how to measure how long it took until the key falls, maybe someone sees it ......

◆ 2: Do not sleep too much

ByAdelle & Justin

If I go to bed too much, I do not want to be afraid of being awake,Sleep inertiaIt seems that it is better to keep the nap to less than 90 minutes because there is a possibility of causing a condition called.

◆ 3: I take a nap at the right time


The best timing to take a nap is when the energy of the body is decreasing, it is several hours after the lunch time.

◆ 4: Only with practice

ByÉole Wind

To get an effective nap, there is practice only, and for people with poor sleep risingWarmlyIt is recommended to use an alarm clock application that will slowly raise such as.

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