It turns out that exercise improves attention and concentration of children of ADHD

ByBrittany Randolph

Have symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivityADHDIs still one of the developmental disorders whose cause is not completely known, there are people who suffer from symptoms not only children but even adults. People with symptoms of ADHD, especially children, may have a bad influence on school performance, and various improvement measures have been sought up to now. Under such circumstances, it has been found out from research at a university that exercise improves the attention and concentration of children of ADHD and may improve the results at school.

Measurement of the Effect of Physical Exercise on the Concentration of Individuals with ADHD

While fundamental treatment has not been found for ADHD, which is still controversial about cause of onset, in 2014A report that symptoms of ADHD have recovered by exercisehad. However, experiments to measure and quantify the effects of exercise on patients with ADHD have not been conducted. So, in BrazilModja Das Cruzes UniversityWhenSao Paulo Catholic UniversityThe joint research team conducted experiments on patients with ADHD and succeeded in quantifying the statistical analysis of the effects of exercise on symptoms of ADHD.

In the experiment conducted by the joint research team, we asked the subject to run for 5 minutes, let the subject play the game after running, and the results were statistically testedPost hoc testTo analyze it. In the experiments, a total of 56 subjects aged 10 to 16 were referred to as "participation in both running and game play (group name: GE-EF)" in ADHD symptoms ant, "both participation in running and game play with ADHD symptom pears (GC-EF) "," ADHD symptoms ant, participating in game play only (GE) "," ADHD symptom pear with no pear, participating in game play only (GC) "group.

ByJohn R. Hofmann Sr.

In the experiment, the subjects of the group GE-EF and the GC-EF first performed a relay race without a break for 5 minutes, and a game "Prince of Persia"play. The task to be performed in the game is decided beforehand in the play of the game, and the subject needs to complete the task as soon as possible. In order to complete the task, it is necessary to read and understand the scenario of the game carefully, and to obtain hints therefrom, the ability to focus and logical thinking is questioned.

A group of GE and GC who did not exercise for 5 minutes participate in game play, and the research team participated in the experiment of the four groups by Dagostino test ·Kruskal · Wallis test· Analysis using post hoc test. To ensure accuracy in gameplay results, subjects were asked to play another game in advance, and only those children who were judged to be intermediate level skills were hired.

The experiments of each group were conducted on different days, but the time used for the experiment was unified in all groups. When the research group analyzed the experimental results, the group of GE-EF who had the symptoms of ADHD who played the game after running recorded 35% higher value than the GE with symptoms of ADHD who participated only in game play did. In other words, exercising and doing exercise before the game will result in about 35% better results.

ByErik (HASH) Hersman

Also, in the GE-EF group and the group of GC who participated only in game play with ADHD symptom pears, only about 2.5% difference occurred in the analysis result, and it was also found that very similar numerical values ​​were issued .

The research group concluded in this experiment that it turned out that a brief intense exercise could improve the attention and concentration of children of ADHD. In addition, it seems that there is a possibility that if you use exercise, ADHD children may have some influence on improving school performance.

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