Amazon sales reached 6.36 trillion yen, an increase of about 30% compared to the same period in the previous year, which is lower than anticipated as stock prices declined, announced third quarter results for 2018

by Public.Resource.Org announced the settlement of accounts for the third quarter of 2018 (July - September). Net sales increased by 29% to 56,576 million dollars (about 6.3 trillion yen), compared to 43.74 billion dollars (about 4.9 trillion yen) in the same period last year, but the market anticipated It was lower than the figure. As the sales forecast for the fourth quarter also did not reach the forecast, stock prices fell 8% at a time due to overtime transactions.

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According to the document, net income was 2,883 million dollars (about 324 billion yen), which exceeded the record high of 280 billion yen in the second quarter of 2018 . It seems that AWS, which was performing well in the previous term, continues to be in good condition.

Meanwhile, it is pointed out that the number of members has reached the saturation point in the prime member program which has more than 100 million members in the world. In addition, since "Server Amazon Prime Day 2018" which was held from 16th July 2018 saw the server go down on the first day, it seems that the opportunity loss of more than 10 billion yen occurred while recording the highest sales ever .

In the fourth quarter, the year-end shopping season is included and the best sales are expected in the year, but the prospect of the profit from is lower than the market expectation by 2.1 billion dollars (about 236 billion yen) to 3.6 billion dollars About 405 billion yen). As a result, the stock price showed a trend to decline.

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