An illusionary documentary work shooting the backstage of 'Star Wars Episode 5 / Empire Strikes Back' is being released

" The Making of" The Empire Strkes Back " " which included the production scenery of " Star Wars Episode 5 / Empire's Counterattack " published in 1980 and an interview with actors acting, gave technology staff to the "counterattack of the empire" It is a documentary movie by Mr. Michel Parbot who served. This movie was not released and the film was also missing, so its existence was treated as an urban legend. However, the film was discovered after 38 years, and what was bidding on the auction has been released as a material on YouTube.

The "Lost" Empire Strikes Back Documentary by Michel Parbot (1980) - YouTube

A huge studio under construction.

In the studio, the full size Millennium Falcon issue ... ...

A huge set was assembled.

It is Mr. Hamill who is acting as a Luke Skywalker practicing swords at the entrance of another studio.

Practicing sword fight is a scene of a climax in the play "Luke and Darth Vader finally confront".

In addition, not all were filmed in the studio, but also in the outdoors. For example, a part of the ice planet / hos scene is taken in the snowy field of Norway.

A lot of snowmobile carries ......

It is a wooden box filled with equipment such as cameras and sets.

The staff carrying the camera walks through the pure white snowy field.

Arranging a set of turret, the soldiers of the Rebel Alliance army are also on standby.

In shooting, we put explosive in the snow, directing the explosion.

But shooting in the open air, suddenly the weather collapses. In Norway shooting, there seemed to be circumstances where the surroundings could not be seen due to a terrible snowstorm.

I could see the frost on the viewfinder of the camera, or the photographer scrubbing and wiping.

A warm soup was behaved for the staff who shoots in the extreme cold.

Inside the movie, valuable interviews with staff and cast actors are also included. Director of Irvine Kirschner ... ...

Mark Hamill.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Carrie Fisher of Princess Leia

This man who painted black around the eyes ... ...

It is Peter Mayhey who played Chewbacca.

Kenny · Baker , also known as "person in R2 - D2" ... ...

Anthony Daniels who has appeared as the role of C-3PO in the entire "Star Wars" series also responds to the interview.

In "The Making of" The Empire Strkes Back "you can also see various props of" Star Wars "and making of special effects.

The scene where Luke Skywalker patrols around the base straddling the tone tone of the large lizard is shot in stop motion by Phil Tippett .

In the scene in the fight of Hosu, the main weapon AT - AT of the Imperial Army who gave the audience an overwhelming impact was also shot in stop motion.

In AT - AT 's stop motion shooting, all the cameras were designed to be operated with a special controller.

The scene of Yoda that first appears in the "counterattack of the empire" is photographed using puppets, not CG.

Having Yoda's puppet on the right is Stuart · Freebourne who designed Yoda.

Yoda's puppet can move his eyelids, eyeballs, mouth freely, and shows a rich expression that can not be thought of as a puppet.

The interior of Yoda's puppet is like this.

Speaking of "Star Wars", light rays intertwining the universe are impressive, but at the time when graphic processing by computer was not developed as much as modern day it was filmed by optical synthesis.

Ray movement is indicated by a picture storyboard .

Matte paint is skillfully used in the movie.

For example, this picture painted on a transparent board. Although the picture is not drawn in the center part, it remains transparent ... ...

If you superimpose the live-action image on this board this street. This is a scene of the planet Vespin where Han Solo and Land Calizian reunite.

Unlike the modern era where all the work was completed on the computer all digitized, at that time it was necessary to edit the analog film directly or perform the synthesis process.

Where to shoot the scene of "ASTEROID (asteroid) # 5". Blue back is installed in the studio.

A white rocky thing crosses the camera. If you superimpose and edit this scene with films filmed separately ......

A scene of the Millennium Falcon that passes through the asteroids is completed.

Not only visual but also hearing is very important in movies. You can also see how sound effects are superimposed on the sound studio with a movie.

BGM flowing in the movie records what the orchestra played live in conformity with the film of the movie being shown in the studio.

Waving commanded was John Williams who compiled the theme of the "Star Wars" series.

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