George Lucas reveals secrets of the birth of a lightsaber

Star Wars episode 7 will be released on December 18, 2015The movie "Star Wars Series"Items and vehicles that have not been seen as fans have appeared. Among them, the Jedi knights, Darth Vader, the lightsaber used by Sith's dark lord remain in the hearts of many people, even now lightsaber toys are sold. A movie that details the background of the birth of the lightsaber has been released by director and scriptwriter of Star Wars series George Lucas and film staff.

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According to Lucas, expressing the battle in the movie with the sword is deeply influenced by the actions and fantasy movies released around 1940.

Director Lucas revealed as one of the works that influenced the Star Wars series, the film released in 1938Robin Hood Adventure"is.

Director Lucas thought to have items that symbolize strength and honor despite being weapons, such as Jedi's knights and Darth Vader, characters that would become the core of the story.

Director Lucas says he was supposed to fight with a simple sword at first, not as a lightsaber, but as a result of thinking about weapons that make you feel the future more, I will reach the lightsaber.

Director Lucas says, "There is a concept that the Jedi use is not to attack the enemy but the weapon to protect you and others, and the lightsaber was exactly right."

The lightsaber is set to be quite heavy because it incorporates the soul, energy and force of the person using it, and the two hands close to oriental swordsmanship style were basic.

In expressing the weight of the lightsaber, in the actual acting it was carefully instructed not to have a lightsaber with one hand.

However, as the story goes forward, the hero's Luke has grown, the speed rises faster than before, and the setting of the lightsaber gradually changes so that it can be held with one hand to draw a more tense battle .

The lightsaber's shiny blade that appeared in the early stage of the series was expressed by rotating a pole (blade part) with a light reflective tape attached.

As the story goes forward, I used a stick to the blade to express the lightsaber,RotoscopeA technique called drawn and synthesized afterwards with a machine called a combination is adopted.

This is a picture before being synthesized with RotoScope.

You can see that the blades and the red and blue light are out of sync with the image in the middle of the work that synthesizes the light using the rotoscope.

Even with nearly completed video, you can check some blurring.

After completion the lightsaber is thinner than the one just before completion, the blade is thick.

Because there is impossible in the method of synthesizing light by tracking the motion of the blade, there are scenes where we shot with only the lightsaber bundle.

The lightsaber not only has its shape, but also the sound of "boon" which will be when you swing it is impressive.

Sound designer Mr. Ben Bart was assigned to create the sound of the lightsaber.

According to Mr. Bert, directed by Lucas from "Directing the lightsaber effect sound", Mr. Bart said that there was a sound he was thinking in his mind since he saw Star Wars concept art.

Mr. Bert thought that it could be used for the lightsaber was the sound of "sound" which is generated when the lightsaber was swayed later by the sound "boon" which the motor of the projector rotates.

Also, the sound that comes out when the lightsaber touches it refers to the sound that was emitted when the broken cable was connected to the TV.

About the fight using the light saver Director Lucas said "Episode 4 · 5 · 6 has been trying to constantly evolve the battle at the lightsaber."

However, as Luke grew in such a way as to be slightly out of the way the Jedi should go, the battle of Episode 4 · 5 is drawn with care also on those parts.

The battle between Luke and Darth Vader at episode 6 expresses the conflicts of hearts of Luke and his father Darth Vader who knew that Darth Vader, the hostile father, was the father of the real, and the past It is different and more emotional.

In the Star Wars episode 1, 2, 3 which is also said to be the new trilogy, the battle of the lightsaber speeded up, the movement of the character was further refined, further evolved, the episode 4 · 5 · 6 battle It is finished in a completely different thing.

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