Pre-edited video of 「Star Wars Jedi's Return」 is unearthed from LD

movies"Star Wars Episode 6 / Jedi's ReturnIs an SF movie released in 1983 as the final chapter of the former trilogy of Star Wars. A Star Wars fans,George LucasEditing system developed by "EditDroid"Star Wars Return of the Jedi" early laser disc edited byEbayWhen I purchased it, I found a making image that I have never seen before,FacebookWe publish a part of the image on above.

Return of the Jedi long lost Edit Droid Laserdisc Discovered

This is the early laser disc of "Return of the Star Wars Jedi". Ebay said it was $ 699 (about 68,000 yen).

R2 - D2ButX WingScene repairing

Planet where R2-D2 lives in YodaDagobaIt is a scene repairing X wing of Luke Skywalker at. Because of the image before editing,ClapperboardThe staff with the reflection is reflected.

About 1 minute of the movie is silent, but you can see that the set at that time is very big.

◆ weakenedYodaScene warning Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker reunites with Yoda at the planet Dagoba, but Yoda was all debilitating. Yoda who faced the edge of death, the Emperor of the Galactic EmpireDarth SidiousYaforceA scene warning Luke about the fear of the dark side of.

Scene where Yoda dies

It is a scene a little after the previous one, but it is taken closer to Yoda. As Yoda performs real performance, hears the voice of the staff speaking in a loud voice, so it will be transmitted to the side who is watching the atmosphere of the site.

"Return of the Jedi long lost edit Droid Laserdisc Discovered" which has released the unpublished making image of the laser disc will continue releasing the video on Facebook.

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