A performance comparison report with 'Ubuntu 12.10' is released on how much the Linux distribution 'Ubuntu 18.10' evolved beyond 6 years

On October 4, 2018 was released Linux distribution, " Ubuntu 18.10 a benchmark comparison of the support has been completed in April 2017 and" was released in 2012. "Ubuntu 12.10", carry out a review of Linux devices Phoronix Has reported. Beyond the 6th year of the month, how much faster did Ubuntu 18.10 compared to Ubuntu 12.10, and how much the impact of the fatal vulnerability of the Intel processor found in January 2018 is seen Has become.

The Ubuntu Linux Performance Over The Past Six Years On An Intel Xeon Server - Phoronix
https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu 1210-1810-xeon

In order to introduce a new server, Mr. Lorabel of Phoronix removed an old server with Intel Nehalem generation CPU from the rack. And, using this server, I thought to benchmark Ubuntu 18.10, the latest version at article creation.

The image and performance of the removed server are as follows.

CPU : Intel Xeon E5540 (2.53 GHz · 4 cores · 8 threads) × 2 units
Motherboard : Oracle SunFire X4170
Chipset : Intel 5520 I / O
Memory : 36GB DDR3 RAM
Disk : 8 300 GB SAS drives × 8
Network : Intel 82575 EB Gigabit Ethernet controller

Mr. Lalabel is using Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 18.10, and Ubuntu 18.10, which is a fatal defect of the Intel processor discovered in January 2018, Specter and Meltdown have removed measures using the open source " Phoronix Test Suite " We did a benchmark.

◆ 1: Access to storage <br> Sequential access seems to have been delayed by Ubuntu 18.10 by several MB / s more than Ubuntu 12.10 in both reading and writing, but because it is a big difference There is none.

Also, in the compilation bench test that simulates the performance of code compilation, the score of 18.10 who removed Specter · Meltdown's countermeasure is better than the normal 18.10, and the influence of Intel's vulnerability is great It turned out.

◆ 2: System test · Compression · Encoding - I checked CPU performance with chess program. We found that there were many nodes that can handle 12.12 per second at a rate of only 12.10. On the other hand, at the compression rate of 7-Zip, the army was raised towards 18.10.

In Gzip archive file creation, both are equal.

In the MP3 encoding using the LAME MP3 encoder , 18.10 was slightly faster than 12.10.

◆ 3: Testing inter-process communication When load was applied with "stress-ng" command. The cryptographic performance is slightly higher at 18.10.

However, the speed of fork seems to have been considerably late compared to 12.10.

Compared to 12.10, the semaphore was at a speed of 18.10.

In the activity of the socket, the performance fell below 18.10 compared to 12.10, and furthermore the influence of Specter and Meltdown was seen largely.

In message passing, at first glance, 18.10 seems to be inferior to 12.10 in performance, but turning off Specter and Meltdown's patch dramatically improves performance and shows the big impact of Intel's vulnerability .

◆ 4: R · PostgreSQL · Redis performance
The performance of the R script has improved significantly from 12.10 to 18.10.

On the other hand, PostgreSQL and Redis obviously had a large workload by shifting to 18.10, and in particular, the influence of patches of Specter and Meltdown was clearly seen.

◆ 5: Python · PHP performance
The performance of Python scripts in Ubuntu 18.10 was clearly improved from 12.10.

As I moved from PHP 5 to PHP 7 between the release of Ubuntu 12.10 and the release of 18.10, the performance of PFP script was also greatly improved by 18.10.

According to Mr. Larrabel, the server used for the review is scheduled to be kept in a box until the day when the performance comparison is done again several years later.

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