Headline news on October 2, 2018

It was announced that the new product " iX 1500" of the personal document scanner "SnanSnap" will be on sale from October 12, 2018. It will be the first successor in six years from the flagship model "iX 500" of the "ScanSnap" series.

PRESS RELEASE | New generation ScanSnap iX 1500 appeared ~ Full model change for the first time in 6 years ~ | PFU Corporation

As a major change, the scanning software was redesigned to "SnapSnap Home", the file name was proposed automatically from the scanned contents, the time for input was saved, and the "learning function" Organization will be done as desired.

Basic functions are also improved, high-speed reading of 30 sheets (300 dpi) per minute on both sides of A4 color, folding document scanning by manual feed scan, correspondence to Wi-Fi 5 GHz band, etc. are done.

The price is 50,840 yen including tax at PFU Direct of the official online store.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A nine-week investigation approaching the lost Continent "Geelandia" finished, to clarify the secret of the mysterious continent - GIGAZINE

Published a photobook "Shadows of the State" that summarizes thirty broadcasting bases that researchers of "radio broadcasting" for spying activity are located - GIGAZINE

Patents that could pull the foot of AI · deep learning into "the foolish patent of the month" will be chosen - GIGAZINE

How to ask a third in-flight meal other than "chicken or beef" by airplane - GIGAZINE

I have heard the story behind the development of "Booking.com" that conducts 1000 A / B tests a day [Part 1] - GIGAZINE

I have heard about the story behind the development of "Booking.com" that conducts 1000 A / B tests a day 【The second part】 - GIGAZINE

Discovered that some 10,000 routers were hacked by someone to raise security - GIGAZINE

"6 hour labor" raises the productivity of work and makes time for family and myself - GIGAZINE

I tried drinking Energy Drink from Kobe "Seeker" in various ways - GIGAZINE

"Aerial imaging plate" that realizes an aerial display by focusing and forming light and can grasp two-dimensional CG - GIGAZINE

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ZOZOTOWN · Mr. Masawazawa's moon orbits The reason why space travel that does not enter the orbit can not be called "Moon Travel" "It's like going home without getting off at Atami IC at high speed"

Professor Konbu Special Kyoto University Professor, Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology | NHK News

Typhoon No. 24, Reason for not being "Typhoon No. 21 Returning" concerned in Osaka Bay (Atsushi Katahira) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Nobel Prize: This lecture blessing acquaintances such as acquaintance 'leader's skin' with leadership - Mainichi Newspaper

Nobel Prize: Honorable blessing at Kyoto University Tatekan ... But the university side was removed - The Mainichi Newspaper

Making a business bet and collaborating with Mr. Ono Ono Pharmaceutical, a change in performance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Research results on herbicide "Roundup" as cause of honeybee mass death are announced | Slad Science

CERN, banned scientists of gender discrimination - BBC News

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Chiba cutting corpse: found on the head of a man, on the coast of Kujukuri - Mainichi Shimbun

Kyoto University Yoshida dormitory, a notice that the university wants to leave "It becomes illegal occupation": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Macedonia, a referendum on changing the country name has not been reached (Photo = Reuters): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Tomomi Inada 'Respect for Diversity Mainly Preservation of Mr. Sugita': Asahi Shimbun Digital

TEPCO Radiological substance exceeding standard with more than 80% polluted water of Chen Xiao Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS | NHK News

To celebrate opening celebration of "Tennenboten", Tokyo · Asakusa Royal HD, Staffing efficiency - Sankei news

I and "Shincho 45" Anti-Sociology course blog

What has evidence and logic is called "speech". Because there is evidence and logic, "argument" can be done. Emotional theory, prejudice, bad mouth of individuals with no basis and logic are not subject to discussion. That is precisely where you argued against prejudice without any productivity, and there is nothing you can get here, it will be useless.
I put a close-up on "Shinchose 45" ahead of time when I put down a low-level Mr. Sugita's saddle that should be a part of it.

It will take up to 4 days to recover following more than 160,000 power outages Shizuoka | NHK News

Fukushima Shinkin HP alteration fraudulent site guidance damage not confirmed | prefecture news | Fukushima private press

Hokkaido: brown bear, trauma witnessed by a trap beside a private house? Individuals who have witnessed success - Mainichi Newspapers

Legoland entrance fee, adults can save up to 90% Target customers in winter: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kobe City: Newspaper coverage on the subway Seishin and Yamanote line in late September

It takes a huge cost and time for the quick train revival of the subway Saijin / Yamanote Line

Mr. Amari: "Not a criminal case" suspicion in cash payment explanation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

JR Higashi labor union, full-time executive office drastically reduced Steady aggressive Tokyo lands zero to partner mass leave - Sankei news

CNN.co.jp: Postponement of the Nobel Prize for Literature Awards, Sexual Impersonation by Baptism Ritual Sin with a Buddha Photographer 2 Years

Kyoto: 36 billion yen yacht of Russian rich Australia, typhoon avoidance calls - Mainichi Newspaper

Sharp, NHK's "loose" murmur, Evidence of Judge Okaguchi judgment ... Lawyers, submitted to the Supreme Court - lawyer dot com

Dialysis stop Zoo confused by emergency power outage Aichi · Toyohashi: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Changing the name of the city, asking trust" Hyogo mayor and Shinzan mayor resign asks: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Osaka city, with San Francisco without sending answers to the sister city resolution: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Izakaya as well as no catch Nagoya station · Sakae · Jinshan in the prohibited area: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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"Inspirational sad feeling like a garbage dump at a condominium like a public toilet" I went to the most shabby entrance of Tokyo station - Togetter

Tokyo Metropolitan Shoulder to a Number with a Design People in charge: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

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"I recorded you" Beware of fraud seeking for bit coins: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The way to read Kindle's book and talk that you can see highlights from the web - Diary of hitode 909

Overview · Application | Balmoura The Toaster free replacement program | Balmuda

End of support for event settlement using PayPal | Doorkeeper

Mercari's new graduation 90% is the impact of foreign nationality. The Japanese have become an era when even companies from their own country are no longer needed ...: IT bulletin

Those who do not adopt junior are not worth senior - portal shit!

Prepaid deferred sales at the beginning of electric paper production and sales ~ New service aiming at bearer of "transaction finance" in electronic publication - HON.jp News Blog

Logo design of Uniqys Network and feelings put in it - uniqys - Medium

HTTPS of large-scale user content Let's Encrypt also used "Hatena Blog" commitment - GeekOut

Netflix: Programs that viewers can choose the endings, distribution within the year - stakeholders - Bloomberg

Parameter update across environment using parameter labels | Amazon Web Services blog

Design becomes a management resource. Talk | Takeetsu / Studio Opt | note

Request to check setting of caching DNS server due to worldwide operation change of DNS (Notice)

What I learned on the road to establishing a reading session of technical documents - DMM inside

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You know in 3 minutes! Today 's rice of Sanemiya - tenth episode It is delicious even if it is cold - YouTube

TV anime "Senran Kagura SHINOVI MASTER - Tokyo 魔魔 篇" - Promotional video second volume - YouTube

"BIOHAZARD RE: 2" Promotional video 2 - YouTube

I retired from from software. What I learned as a game planner «OpenGameSeeker

"Idol Master Cinderella Girls" collaboration store holding! | Lawson Research Institute

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【Sad] Hanshin Nishioka, Notice of Outside Fighter: Nikkan Kiki Bulletin @ Baseball Summary

What? J PRIDE: [Good news] "Until one ball detachment" of Hanshin · Umedo, it was not judgment of Umeno

14: Wind blowing if nothing 2018/10/02 (Tuesday) 11: 29: 56.87 ID: PeFS9yWi0
"It is not good to be beaten from 0-2, do you want to be beaten from 1-2? It does not mean such lead wwww"

I told you before, Hanshin coach incompetence

24: Wind blowing and anonymous 2018/10/02 (Tuesday) 11: 31: 14.56 ID: IsO1vXLjd
] A ball that becomes a ball from a strike, a control power thrown near the body.
Is this control force nourished by removing it greatly? What?

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Release of 3 models of 4K HDR Home Theater Projectors including small model with large aperture ARC-F lens | Press Release | Sony

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