Headline news on October 9, 2018

Tohato's spicy snack "Tyrant Habanero" has celebrated its 15th anniversary, so shoot a receipt that purchased two or more "Tyrant Habanero" or "Magical Wednesus" currently sold and apply from the website By doing so, 1000 campaigns have begun with "Tears of Tyrant" (100 ml) and 15 people hit "Tears of Tyrant" (1.5 liters). What do I do if I got a 1.5 liter "tyrant big cry".

Tohato Corporation | Campaign | Festival 15TH Tears of tears gifts!

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

What is "live revolt" where audiences and artists create live together with Otaku OK? - GIGAZINE

A mysterious live event "Hop Step Live broadcast!" In Mathematica asobi vol.19 - GIGAZINE

"Ramen Chazuke" which rice was drafted to ramen soup etc ★ Machi ★ I tried gourmet exclusive for Asobi - GIGAZINE

What kind of place is a 5 star hotel? I tried staying at "Pulitzer Amsterdam" where tradition and modern blended - GIGAZINE

New type animation award 2015-2016 Result announcement, the work prize is "Your name is." & "Kabaneri of armor castle" - GIGAZINE

Mizushima Shiji × Takahashi Ryuya × Minazuki Toru project "Escaquone" decided to animate - GIGAZINE

Gamera projects plasma fireballs in Tokyo as it giant flames and explodes, "50th anniversary commemorative image of super power" GAMERA "SHORT VER. - GIGAZINE

Jobs' favorite car Benz has no license plate - GIGAZINE

I tried using a small PC kit "Kano" that lets you learn programming with a game sense - GIGAZINE

I ate Mongolia Tanmen & Arctic Ramen "which is spicy and a sense of parity in Mongolia Tanmen Nakamoto main store - GIGAZINE

Eva and JRA Collaborate and New Character "Eva Impact" Appears - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (Memo · Others)
Comic "No Reef Visual Novel or not!"

"To be conservative, it became pretty daughter shoot ..." My father used cameras at the athletic meeting became even more unpleasant than last year - Togetter

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)

Alex Taballock "Cultural inheritance of technology: Learning by trial and error ... but I do not plan to improve" - ​​Economics 101

Sociologists, even if they do not issue peer-reviewed papers, they can become professors, and if there is an invited dissertation (request thesis?), There seems to be no peer-reviewed articles (various additions are added) - Togetter

Sociologists doing gender theory "victims": social science behind the news

Mr. Motono complains about unfounded immunotherapy "Making money inhumane": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Work and living at CERN - yamaguchi.txt

Sediment disaster: odor sensing with 'precursor' sensor Hiroshima City University studies - Mainichi Shimbun

Successful cultivation of Baka Matsutake growing sharply in stock price is a big invention of common sense break (Tanaka Atsuo) - Individual - Yahoo! News

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
JBA: 24 hours, instant transfer to other bank account OK OK From 9th - Mainichi Newspaper

"Abolish technical intern training system" JFBA: Asahi Shimbun Digital

TSE, part of system trouble sales order, suspended: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Possibility of stoppage request for solar power generation "Fall fall in excess supply" reason | NHK News

why? Wage statistics "distortion" neglected by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, criticism of economists who delayed response 【Nishinihon Shimbun】

Islamic radicals, Koran found out by studies that have not read much: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Economic Underwriting】 Inbound growth rate in the world, Okinawa, Kyoto, Osaka monopolize up to 3rd place (1/3 page) - Sankei WEST

Arrested a woman suspected of hitting a judge with a district court toilet: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The men's toilet of the Tokyo District Court, a woman hits a judge: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Tiger who struck a keeper, without killing the bereaved family "Please breed": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Column: Translation of large-scale housing supply, price rising "water to the rocks"

CNN.co.jp: Mr. Trump, in suspicion of sexual assault in the process of apology apology to the new judge of Cabinano

Jaguar: British factory shut down Two weeks due to poor Chinese sales - Mainichi Newspaper

Easy tax rate Convenience stores are all 8% if eating and drinking are prohibited | NHK News

Discover evidence of Chinese "organ hunt" in the Uighur Autonomous Region under repression │NEWS Post Seven

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Women in their 30's to 40's Women regularly exercising less physical fitness is declining | NHK News

Women's movement away Do not you hate sweat odor? Strong physical fitness and exercise performance survey at 18 to 19 years of age (1 / 2page) - Sankei news

"Cat Furniture" Explosive, since it is a family Elaborate with craftsmanship Resizing: Asahi Shimbun Digital

[Continuing report added] If you lent 6 million you did not return Rice instead came 30 tons "It is a thread that gathers knowledge for selling rice" - Togetter

The teacher of the university "It is possible to throat in my class, boiled tofu is OK if it is a pot - pot, no sukiyaki or kimchi pot is possible. Fire banned" Other instructs about throat candy and food stuffing at colleges are being issued - Togetter

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
80 thousand people overturning the image of the Nettayo Survey Floating Online Externalists: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Google breaks US Department of Defense cloud contract bid participation | Reuters

Class action for Google surrounding iPhone information, English court rejects | Reuters

Disaster at the time of disaster, 10% "I believed" = spreading on the net, most often in 20's - private investigation: current affairs dot com

Book Worm: How to Detect Chinese Malicious Hardware Works

Shenzhen visit 2018/9 (Shibuya)

Tested the behavior of FTP users tested rspec-ftp + added Matcha - Yohei's daily devotion XP

Proposal specification of Network Time Security for NTP to encrypt NTP - ASnoKaze blog

# Firebase for web developers will be put out in Engineering Letter 5! | K2wanko | note

"Local network" in "Optimization of distribution" | Hebikuzure's Tech Memo

[HTML] It is now, understand properly how to set up responsive images. Let's use srcset and sizes.

With the end of "Media Marker", we migrated 5,000 databases to "Bukrug" - Muranaga's View

Google Developers Japan: Machine learning pushes the possibility of future Web experience and interaction / design

� ���� ���� ��ǽ�Ϥɤ�� ��ǽ�Ϥɤ�� ޤ�ɬ� ��� ���: Tedious Days More �� 3

It would be better for engineers to customize writing all technical articles

Publish "XFLAG Tech Note" distributed in Technical Literature 5 | Report | XFLAG (X Flag) Career Opportunities Site Adventurer.

"Kyash" Google Pay ™ now available! Payment using Google Pay also reduces 2% - Kyash NEWS

"Tear-off" rotation matrix in Z 80 | Diary of yasuoka | Slad

Load Kaggle data, do model training and submit all on Google Colab

Designing VTuber with a custom cast that does not defeat Policole sticks - Suction suicide

An account "No book" appears that makes a fictitious paperback document with images sent in reply! ! "I want to read normally" "Synopsis serious" - Togetter

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Gory, I admit that I was hiding faults and controlling smartphone gacha with malicious program. However, there is no announcement of fundamental countermeasures "Query tends to calm down"

Considering from the cover of the child bunko, from the transition of the illustration that "Adults will trust a little about what the children want" - Togetter

TV animation "Tsurunete - Kaze High School Archery Department -" PV 4th - YouTube

"Different World Karutto" Production Decision Bulletin PV - YouTube

"You like me only for you" TV Anime Notification PV - YouTube

Theater version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]" Ⅱ.lost butterfly third bullet key visual introduction video - YouTube

TV anime "Girly · Air Force" 1st PV │ Broadcast in January 2019! - YouTube

TV animation "FAIRY TAIL" final series PV - YouTube

TV anime "Juliet of boarding school" opening image - YouTube

TV anime "Animael! Just before broadcast PV - YouTube

TV anime "Animael! OP Theme "Jump Up ↑ Yale !!" Non Telop Video - YouTube

TV anime 【RELEASE THE SPYCE】 Villain PV - YouTube

Strike the Blood Ⅲ PV - YouTube

【Special Issue】 "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun" 3rd Annual TV Anime Production Decision Decided! - YouTube

【Special Issue】 "One Tramway of Science" 2019 TV animation broadcast decision! - YouTube

"Dragon Ball Super Brawl" 2nd bulletin - YouTube

There are not many examples of women appearing in boys' manga as "a female erotic female just pulling the hero's legs" so much - Kana diary of Doo Ryozo

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)

Movie 'Kingdom' main movie banned! - YouTube

CNN.co.jp: "Venom" first debuts, the highest record in October at 9.1 billion yen

Former Yokozuna Wajima Daishi dies 70 years old, "Golden Left" - Grand Sumo: Nikkan Sports

Former Yokozuni Wajima's death golden left, "Bukkyo Era" Building: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Diedo: Hiroshima Wajima 70 years = 54 generations Yokozuna, "Building the Hakuho Era" - Mainichi Newspapers

"How to keep a Japanese sword" often seen in Hollywood movies is not impossible "A variety of school styles are gathered to point out the old martial arts account - Togetter

Produced by Mr. Takahiro Okawa Movie, regional television station broadcasting as it is on the ground wave: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

DA PUMP · ISSA, "It seems that he grew up next to the base of Okinawa, but how do you think," and the praise gathered for that answer # news watch - Togetter

[Sad news] Hanshin coach team, all to the residual: Nanjei stadium @ N J summary

86: Wind blowing and anonymous 2018/10/09 (Tue) 12: 03: 40.00 ID: nIYEdrTma
It is ironic that the players who declared that the team in which the director stands out was not good seriously made the team that the director stands out

Susumu Hirasawa "Ban the psyllium at the live. If you really want to distract stick-like objects, make a seal," Seiichihata official "How about a seal you can use at the live?" - Togetter

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Dingbae of Nissin and Rich All-Shiso Soba" (released on 15th October) | Nissin Food Group

"Cup Noodles Crazy Chilli ♪ Chill Tomato Big" (released on October 22) | Nissin Food Group

"Akebukuro Oil - Noodle Sengeni Garlic Miso" (released on November 5) | Nissin Food Group

Deliciously fun Christmas ♪
"Caramel Cone" "Poteko" "Nasuwa" New release of five kinds of Christmas limited items

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