New evidence appears to show that the iPad new model is fall 2018

by Patrick Schneider

Local time In the Apple Special Event held on 12th September 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max of the new iPhone and iPhone XR of the low price were announced, but there was no announcement of the iPad. However, it is expected that a new model of the iPad will be released in 2018 before, and further evidence has been found from the beta version of iOS 12.1.

iOS 12.1 references 'iPad2018 Fall', all but confirming new iPad Pro debut next month | 9to5Mac

This is a news site dealing with Apple information · 9to 5Mac revealed, its source is iOS 12.1 beta version.

According to 9to 5Mac, the asset of setup executed when setting a new terminal included a new identifier "2018fall" of the iPad. It is believed that this means that there are plans for a new iPad to be released in the autumn of 2018, as the previous version included only those of the iPhone.

As of July 2018, Minchi Kuo, a strong analyst with Apple's new information, predicts that 12.9 inch and 11 inch new iPads are being developed.

It will become like this when visualizing the new iPad Pro and the new Apple Watch that will appear in the autumn of 2018 from leak information - This is GIGAZINE

Also, based on the icon included in the iOS 12 beta version, it turned out that the next iPad Pro seems to be a bezeless design.

The new iPad Pro that will appear in the fall of 2018 turns out to be "bezelless design" from the icon of the iOS development version - GIGAZINE

To improve the charging speed of large capacity batteries, it is expected that the interface will be changed from the Lightning terminal to the USB Type - C terminal.

New iPhone supports dual SIM, iPad becomes Type-C, Apple Watch supports electrocardiogram etc. Leak information summary of new products - GIGAZINE

Immediately after holding the announcement event of the new iPhone, there is still a while until the November holiday season , so 9 to 5 Mac predicts that a new product announcement event including a new iPad will be held It is.

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