Will Apple announce new models such as M2-equipped iPad Air and A15 Bionic-equipped iPad mini in March 2024?

Bloomberg reports that Apple plans to announce a new iPad in March 2024. New iPads that Apple is rumored to be developing include the iPad Air with

M2 and the iPad mini with A15 Bionic .

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According to Bloomberg, Apple does not plan to release a new iPad until March 2024, but it seems that it is planning to release a new low-end Apple Pencil before the new iPad. Apple Pencil is a stylus pen for iPad that first appeared in 2015, and low-end models support charging with USB-C, and Bloomberg reports that the pressure-sensing function found in the original Apple Pencil will be removed.

In addition, Apple just announced on October 18, 2023, a USB-C compatible Apple Pencil without pressure sensing function that perfectly meets the requirements for a ``low-end Apple Pencil'' as reported by Bloomberg. The differences in specifications of each Apple Pencil model are summarized in the article below.

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With the advent of the low-end Apple Pencil, Bloomberg points out that Apple may stop manufacturing the original Apple Pencil and sell only the second-generation model and low-end model. Since the iPhone 15 series also supports USB-C, the number of Apple products that support USB-C is steadily increasing. However, Bloomberg predicted that iPads with Lightning ports will not be discontinued.

Bloomberg also points out that there are three existing Apple Pencil lineups, ``emphasizing how messy iPad-related products are.'' In fact, there are a low-end iPad model, a mid-range model iPad Air, a high-end model iPad Pro, and a compact model iPad mini, and since the display sizes differ depending on the generation, it is difficult to know which model was released and when. It's quite difficult to figure out.

Apple is reported to be planning new iPads such as the iPad Air equipped with the M2, the iPad mini equipped with the A15 Bionic, and a new low-end model iPad. M2 is an SoC for Mac announced in June 2022, and A15 Bionic is an SoC installed in the iPhone 13 series released in 2021.

In addition, the iPad Pro announced in October 2022 has a model equipped with M2.

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In addition, Apple-related media 9to5Mac reports that Apple is working on dramatically reviewing the lineup of the iPad Pro, the high-end model of the iPad that was introduced in 2018. In addition, 9to5Mac wrote that it is unclear whether the new iPad Pro will be announced in March 2024 or in the second half of 2023.

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