The Japanese honors the award for 12 consecutive years of award at the 'Ignoral Prize' awarded for stupid research

Founded in 1991 by American scientific journals, the Ignorbel prize is a parody of the Nobel prize for "research that makes people laugh and makes us think." In the award-winning research of the past, only those who wanted to crank out what they thought about doing this research, what a Japanese researcher received the Ignorle award for 11 consecutive years from 2007 to 2017 It is no longer a regular country. In the 2018 Ignor prize award ceremony held on September 13, 2018, Japanese researchers received the Medical Education Award and received the honor of the 12th consecutive awards.

Here are your 2018 Ig Nobel Prize winners | Ars Technica

The award ceremony of the Ignoraw prize is supposed to be held at the Memorial Hall of Harvard University ... ...

A lot of audience fills every year. In Ignor Award that continued since 1991, Japan and the UK are regular countries. There are various opinions on the reasons, but "There are things that Japanese and British researchers are unlikely to declare" I want to win the Ignorle prize "", and Japanese and British researchers are like jokes It may be tolerant. In addition, not only individual researchers but also " Tamagotchi (1997 Economic Graduate Award)" and " Bowlingual (2002 Peace Prize)" are targeted for the awards of the Ignorle Prize.

In the awards ceremony, successive Nobel laureates are cooperating and Ms. Eric Muskin who won the Nobel economics award in 2007 and ...

Mr. Wolfgang Ketare, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001

Michael Rossbash, 2017 Nobel laureate of physiology and medicine prize

Mr. Oliver Hart who was a recipient of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics participated.

Personality is Mr. Mark Abrahams , the advocate of the Ignoraw Prize.

Akira Horiuchi, who works for Showa Iinan General Hospital , was a recipient of the prosperous Ignober medical education award.

Mr. Horiuchi, "" sitting and posture perform colonoscopy in that there is less "painful, actually was confirmed by performing a colonoscopy sitting in a chair myself alone in" of research in It was awarded.

Mr. Horiuchi, who was seeking ways to reduce discomfort associated with colonoscopy, said, "I think that discomfort will diminish if I do it in a sitting posture rather than a lying posture," actually He sits on a chair and spreads his crotch a little and inserts a small diameter endoscope. Then, "It seems that the endoscope has entered surprisingly easily".

In the Ignor Prize, the winner is required to make a speech aiming for 60 seconds of uke ... ...

Mr. Horiuchi actually gave a speech with an endoscope.

As the speech continued, a girl appeared. The girl is a facilitator named "Miss Sweetie Poo", and speeches are too long, I will try to make speeches stop by speaking in conjunction with "I quit now" and "I am bored." In addition, Miss Sweetie Poo seems to be able to acquire it through a gift, and in the past it seems there were some winners who bought and postponed the speech time.

Next, Mr. Erik Muskin sat on a chair saying, "Let's demonstrate this award-winning research" and picked up the endoscope ... ...

Censorship entered and the demonstration was canceled.

The Ignor Prize of 2018 other than Medical Education Award is below.

◆ Medical Award: " How to discharge kidney stones on a roller coaster quickly "

◆ Anthropology Award: " Collection of phenomena that chimpanzees imitate human beings who came to the zoo "

◆ Biology prize: " Wine experts can sniff out the presence of flies mixed in a glass "

◆ Chemistry Prize: " Demonstration that human saliva has cleaning effect "

◆ Literary Prize: " Discovery that many people have not read the instruction manual when using complicated products "

◆ Nutrition Award: " Discovery that human flesh is lower in calories than other meats and not superior in nutrition "

◆ Peace Prize: " A study on phenomena of making screams and getting cursed while driving a car "

◆ Reproductive Medical Award: " Measurement method of whether penis erects at night by using stamps "

◆ Economics Award: " Discovering that cursing bad bosses with a curse doll is effective for improving company performance "

Besides being laughing in spite of everything, it was only research that seemed interested as "what kind of contents is it?"

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