Rich red cheddar cheese × mushroom × creamy Porcini sauce I ate autumn feeling 'freshness' classic mushroom cheeseburger '

A rich red cheddar cheese in a grassy pastry made from Australian grass fed beef, domestic mushrooms that were cut heavily, domestic mushrooms that were cut to a large extent, a Italian porcini sauce without preservatives / artificial seasoning applied, a new full of tasteful fall in autumn Hamburger " Classic Mushroom Cheese Burger " has appeared from Freshness Burger. I tried to eat it actually as a new burger which is perfect for the timing that the temperature fell at a stretch and the sign of autumn came closer.

Autumn limited! Tora rice cheese and rich porcini sauce Mecha hamma burger! "Classic Mushroom Cheese Burger" limited release for a limited time | Freshness Inc.

That's why I came to Freshness Burger at once.

I found a poster advertising "Classic Mushroom Cheese Burger" for the shop.

"Classic mushroom cheeseburger" (680 yen tax excluded) was offered in about 5 minutes from the order. On top of beef patties with grilled appetite, red cheddar cheese melted slowly, white porcini sauce on top, plenty of mushrooms are sandwiched.

Since hamburgers are served freshly, red cheddar cheese and porcini sauce are pretty trolleys and appetite intensifying. And since the mushrooms are cut to a large extent, they are likely to spill easily from the buns.

Quarterpound patty made with 100% of Australian glassfed beef is about 113 grams in weight, so eat it perfectly. Lettuce is laid under Patty so there is a firm fresh feeling.

The buns had sesame on the surface and it was topped.

It is becoming a burger with a considerably high height by the rugged mushrooms.

When I turn the buns up like this. There was firm grill at the buns.

White Porcini sauce and red cheddar cheese are trolley.

That's why I'll eat it at once. Even hamburgers are adult men as high as they can grasp with just one hand.

When you climb, the flavor of the mushrooms that has a firm texture will spread first, not over grill, then beef patty's juicy meat will bring impact and impact in the mouth. Red cheddar cheese and porcini sauce melt with heat, so that you can feel the richness of cheese and the flavor of porcini firmly. However, as a whole, Red Cheddar cheese and Porcini sauce do not insist too much, feeling firm the flavor of grilled onions hidden behind patty, mushrooms, lettuce, and even Patty even when you eat it together I made it.

Overall it is a hamburger that you can enjoy mushroom flavor thanks to goro, big mushrooms and porcini sauce. Furthermore, unlike a hamburger, which is often a source flavor which is often found in fast-food restaurants, the goodness of each ingredient firmly stands out

As classic mushroom cheeseburger is freshly prepared, it will hurt that it will melt with heat cheese red cheddar and loose Porcini sauce at the bottom of the package as time passes.

By the time we finished eating a hamburger, the mushrooms & cheese & sauce had accumulated as below at the bottom of the package.

If you want to taste red cheddar cheese and porcini sauce all the time, ordering with potatoes and onion rings etc., it is good to eat it in relation to the cheese & sauce that has accumulated.

The classic mushroom cheeseburger is on sale for a limited time at a price of 680 yen. Sales outlets are nationwide freshness burgers, but please note that there are no handling in the Jungle Cafe Store, Higashiyama Zoo and Plant Zoo, Yokohama Stadium Store, Kyocera Dome Osaka Store, Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome Store, Jingu Stadium Store.

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