Pointed out that Jack Dorsey's personal judgment is the reason why Twitter is a hotbed of discriminatory remarks

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"The wall street journal posted an article that claims that" Twitter Jack Dorsey is making a decision in personal opinion on whether to delete a celebrity account that makes discrimination remarks. " There are still accounts of celebrities who closed out with other social media on Twitter, but it is pointed out that Dorsey's CEO disabled the decision of the responsible team to "BAN" these with personal opinion It is.

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Alex Jones who advocates discriminatory claims and conspiracy theory is shutting down such that the YouTube channel is stopped , the program is deleted from the iOS podcast application, and the Facebook page is closed, but there is still a Twitter account To do. Because there are many people who make discrimination remarks other than Mr. Jones, Twitter may be referred to as a "evacuation place" of discriminationists such as white supremacy and female contempt, but the Wall Street Journal I posted an article saying that responsibility for this case is at Jack Dossey CEO of Twitter.

Dorsey said that "we will deal with the problem of harassment" while stating that the reason not to remove discrimination remarks is in the movement of conservatives who say "social media is censoring," said Wall Street Journal I will explain. President Trump said that Google's search results are intentionally manipulated and ...

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Twitter and Facebook also point to similar problems.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, when multiple social media shut down Mr. Jones, a discussion on whether to stop Mr. Jones's account on Twitter was raised. The team responsible for Twitter concluded that "Mr. Jones's account should be suspended", but Mr. Dorse said that he declared this decision to be invalid.

The same is said to have occurred in November 2016. At this time I was discussing the account of Mr. Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, and the Trust & Safety team tried to shut out as "Mr. Spencer has too much account", but I will discuss it later Mr. Dorsey who did participate in the project did not completely shut out as "one account should be left".

Mr. Dorse's argument consistently states that the platform should maintain political neutrality, clearly define rules, and operate with transparency. However, some Twitter employees are thinking that Mr. Dorsey's leadership based on the Arms- Laws principle rule is "disturbing work".

However, in response to the Wall Street Journal's claim, Vijaya Gadde, Twitter's Chief Legal Officer, said, "The recommendation that Jack disabled this decision is perfectly wrong." "Our service is CEO It is managed not only by the personal opinion of the executives including, but also by the application of the rules fairly. "

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