Google smartphone 'Pixel 3 XL' before announcement can be found as a forgotten item

With the launch of Google's genuine smartphone "Pixel 3" and "Pixel 3 XL" on the market , some prototypes of " Pixel 3 XL " that someone forgot to carelessly have been discovered inside the car of dispatch service Lyft .

Someone left a Pixel 3 XL in the back of a Lyft

I got a picture of Pixel 3 XL of a forgotten thing from a reader that Android Police of Android related media is doing a driver of Lyft. The reader who discovered Pixel 3 XL seems to think that Pixel 2 XL is falling when finding a terminal. However, since I found a notch like iPhone X at the top of the screen, Google logo on the back, I found it to be Pixel 3 XL.

This was discovered in Lyft 's vehicle Pixel 3 XL. The bezel at the bottom of the screen is a little wider.

The notch part of Pixel 3 XL looks like this.

This is the back side. There is a fingerprint authentication sensor at the top and a Google logo at the bottom. The camera is not a dual lens.

The driver of Lyft who found Pixel 3 XL seems to have returned the terminal to the owner immediately after taking the picture.

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