IOC president remarks that violent games such as the Olympic Games and FPS do not have a sense of values

by Sebastian Pociecha

At the 18 th Asian Games (Asian Games) held in Jakarta, Indonesia from August to September 2018, although it is a demonstration competition, e sports was first adopted, and Japan was adopted as " Winning Eleven 2018 " I won a gold medal .

Although e sports is also expected to enter the Olympic games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach said that if games that promote violence and discrimination can not match the values ​​of the Olympic Games I am speaking stabbing.

Bach: No Olympic future for esports until 'violence' removed

IOC uses silly excuse that esports are too violent for the Olympics

In the 18th Asian Games, 6 titles of "Winning Eleven 2018", " Crash · Royal ", " Haas Stone ", " League of Legend ", " Arena of Valor " and " StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void " were adopted, Dispatched players to five titles except "Arena of Valor" which is not served in the country. I got a gold medal in "Winning Eleven 2018".

Although this time was only for demonstration competition, it was decided to become an official event at the 19th Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China in 2022. Also, at the "Iki Ibaraki Yume Nationwide (74th National Sports Festival) / Ikiyuki Ibaraki Dream Competition (19th National Disabled Persons Sports Games)" to be held in 2019, as a cultural program "prefectural opposition e-sports meeting Implementation of this program has been decided.

In addition, IOC has also officially mentioned that it expects official events in the Paris Olympics to be held in 2024.

Reference in the official statement that the International Olympic Committee expects formal e sports event - GIGAZINE

Bach president also said that he will consider positively on e-sports formalization, but in response to the interview by the Associated Press at the Asian Games, he said "Games that kill people are not suitable for the Olympic values" . When AP Communication pointed out that Bach had won the gold medal by participating in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games with "Using the Sword to Fight" fencing, Bach said, "All battle sports originate in human battle Sports expresses it "civilized." If e sports includes "a game that kills people," it does not match the Olympic values. "

To the end, Bach president claims that like a FPS "Killing opponent" a game is not what you want, like a sports game like a winning eleven, a fight like the Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers I think that it is not meant to be an action game, but it is a place where e-sports momentum got excited and I hope this intention will not be reflected in a strange way ... ....

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