Korea overwhelmingly won overwatch world cup, won the championship, Korea vs. world fight

Blizzard's popular FPS "Overwatch"World Cup Final will be held in Anaheim's"Blizzcon 2016"Was held. In the final in the battle between Russia and South Korea, Korea has demonstrated overwhelming strength and has won the championship.

BlizzCon 2016

Overwatch The Arena where the World Cup Final will be held is full of skyscrapers and lots of people are lined outside the arena. When a person leaves from the arena, only the number of people can enter, but there is no one who will leave the final game in the first place, so there is a possibility that people lined outside the arena will be inside It is close to zero. Those who did not enter the stadium during a game such as soccer or baseball may be out of the stadium at least to cheer from outside, but the spectators of the Overwatch World Cup Final have the same feeling as sports That.

Outside the hall, games are relayed on a large monitor, and a tremendous number of people are also watching here.

From the back looking like this. There is only the final and the degree of attention is Max.

Unfortunately we were unable to enter the arena, so we decided to watch it on a large monitor. The World Cup Final was Russia vs. Korea's match.

Russia defeats France, Finland and finals. Korea defeated local America and Sweden to advance to the final.

You can check the appearance of Overwatch World Cup Final match from the following movie.

Overwatch World Cup Final Match 1 - YouTube

Overwatch World Cup Final Match 2 - YouTube

Overwatch World Cup Russia VS South Korea shows overwhelming strength - YouTube

Overwatch World Cup Moment when Korea won - YouTube

It was Korea who brilliantly overwatched the World Cup. On what a high level of the final game, I won without losing one map. Russia lost only one game in qualifying, but Korea showed strength of different dimensions and won, and in the future it seems to be in the face of Korea versus the world.

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