What do the children learn in the Netherlands where sex education begins at the age of 4?

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In the NEMO Science Museum in the Netherlands there is a sex education corner where visitors can reproduce French kisses with dolls, watch how sperm are manufactured, and learn about orgasm . Although it is open to the gender of the Netherlands, it is said that sexual health research shows excellent findings and it is said to be one of the countries where gender equality has been realized. Bonnie J. Rough , a sex education-related writer, explains the special nature of Dutch sex education as sex education like that begins at 4 years old.

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It is said that "sex education is failing" in the United States, and it is pointed out that in the United States there is still an environment for tabooing to tell children about sex. Despite the fact that "age of sex acts for the first time" in the United States and the Netherlands is about the same 17 to 18 years old, the percentage of pregnancy in the American teenager is five times that of the Netherlands.

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In the U.S., children in the Netherlands enter the public pool naked, whereas children are taught that "being naked" is "OK if private". In the Netherlands, the sense of "privacy" does not apply to small children. Since small children want to explore their own bodies, guides to parents who have such children are distributed in general hospitals, and teachers and parents can communicate their bodies with each other It seems that there seems to be a tendency to think that if we observe rules such as "mutual agreement", "not hurting", "respecting the limits of others" if we observe rules such as showing and checking. Also, when children begin to love around the same age, they will prepare and support decision-making instead of prohibiting sexual activity.

Such sex education in the Netherlands starts from 4 years old. Primary education in the Netherlands begins at the age of 4, the main purpose of preventing forced sexual intercourse and homosexual hatred, etc. In 2012 the Minister of Education said "All students after primary school must receive sex education" It is because I ordered that. In addition, in the study of 2017, comprehensive sex education on biological matters and sexual diversity, etc., the tendency for children to speak ill of children decreased, LGBTQ and women were bullied at school It is shown that the tendency to intervene when there is increased is shown .

The most famous sex education curriculum in the Netherlands is what is called "Kriebels in je buik". This curriculum covers children between 4 and 6 years old, children talk about the differences between male and female bodies and learn about reproductive and their sexual preferences and limits. When I turn 6, I learn about love and what "What will happen when I fall in love" and decide on sexual diversity and sexual identity , "do sexual activity" before entering secondary education, the method of contraception You will be taught. In addition, it is said that training such as "how to reject stereotypes of sexual roles " and "how to keep healthy human relationships" will be done consistently.

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Sex education is thought to play an important role to prevent sexual violence and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2016 states that "a comprehensive sex education program is an obvious contributor to sexual assault It is shown to reduce risk sexual behavior. " Dutch sex education that begins at the age of 4 can be an attempt to gradually infiltrate children, such as "empathy" and "the influence of their actions on people".

"Although privacy is not applied to small children", the Netherlands, contraception and abortion are regarded as "private things" on the other hand. In the United States, pregnancy and abortion are one of social concerns, and political parties have policies on abortion and pregnancy of boys and girls. In addition, it seems that there is a tendency that sexuality education in the United States has biased anatomical and medical contents.

Even though it is impossible to change the education curriculum right away, we talk about the contents of the core content of sex education such as "how to deal with the partner" "to show respect," "to enjoy together" Rough shows that it is possible to meet.

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