Is it normal for girls to masturbate?



In the 17-year-old girl's question, 'Is it normal for girls to masturbate and do they affect their health?' The Conversation of academic media has posted an answer. It's difficult to ask someone directly about sexual issues, but Google search often doesn't give the right answer. At the Q & A section of The Conversation, such a question is answered by Melissa Kang , Associate Professor of Sydney Institute of Technology.

I Need to Know: 'is it normal for girls to masturbate?'

In a large (PDF file) survey of 16 to 69 years of age in Australia, 72% of men and 42% of women say that they have masturbated in the past year. In a survey of 14 to 17 years old living in the United States, 58% of women said that they had experienced masturbation by the age of 17 years. This is a small number compared to the figure of 80% of men, but it is also possible that women may avoid answering 'being masturbating', so women's masturbation is sufficiently 'general' It can be said. By convention, masturbation is 'acceptable' for boys, but it has only recently been openly talked about masturbation among women.

Masturbation often refers to touching your genitals to get sexual excitement or pleasure. It is also possible that a teat is used as a place other than genitals, and an adult toy is used instead of a finger and a hand.

It is useful to know that the most sensitive place for women is the clitoris, says Kang. Australian studies have shown that women are more likely to reach orgasm when men and women are sexually active, using oral sex and hand stimulation, but this is due to their stimulation of the clitoris. about.

The clitoris is a bundle of nerves and blood vessels that gains pleasure and enlarges when stimulated. It looks a little bit out, but it actually extends to about 10 cm behind and behind the vagina. This is why you feel comfortable when you put a penis or finger in the vagina.

Even with modern science, not all clitoris is understood. However, previous studies have

shown that stimulation of the clitoris relieves pain and stress.

Masturbation is a great way to explore your body and senses, and when that time comes, it's also a way to communicate with your partner without risking pregnancy or HIV infection. In addition, parents sometimes witness a young child touching the genitals, and it is thought that people can get pleasure from masturbation even before sexual maturity.

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Sexuality is associated with the ability to feel emotions, thoughts, beliefs, pleasures and orgasms. If you have negative thoughts about masturbating, you may feel shame or guilty about your actions, but there is no standard of 'right' or 'wrong' in the frequency of masturbation. It is important to discuss sexuality as a natural behavior, in order not to make masturbation an obstacle to daily life.

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