I smelled a fragrance of peach full in my mouth, 'I tried 3 kinds of Mac Shake Mombas'

From Monday, Wednesday, August 22, 2018 McDonald's Macshake " Mr. Three Mak Shake Mombets Ducked " has appeared. It seems that "Three mac shake thighs have been used" that they used three types of peach juice, white peach, yellow peach, nectarine , seems to be a perfect taste for summer hot days, so what kind of taste is it? I actually drank it and made sure.

Three mac shake thams were put in

Arrived at McDonald's.

"There are 3 types of Mac Shake Momochi" has S size (120 yen for tax) and M size (200 yen for tax), which is the same amount as other Mac shake.

Compared with iPhone 7, the size looks like this.

When opening the lid, it is divided into a white part and a pink part, and a fragrance of a peach drifts in a faint color.

When I drink it, I first feel a creamy texture unique to Mac Shake and a gentle sweetness of vanilla, but immediately after that the fragrance of peach spreads throughout my mouth. As I was drinking, I felt strongly the taste of the peach as I felt as if I were drinking thick juice of peach. The peach flavor is felt very strongly, but it was cold and very refreshing taste, so it was a perfect dessert in hot weather.

"We shipped 3 kinds of Mac Shake Momo" is sold for a limited time until mid September 2018.

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