I tried compare using two SIM cards so as to make the Internet easy with Fiji

The Internet line you want to secure is the time to travel when you travel abroad. There are ways to rent a Wi - Fi router to use the Internet overseas, but there are also ways to procure SIM cards locally. Since there were two companies' SIM cards at the arrival gate of Fiji's Nadi International Airport, we compared the plans and communication speeds of the two companies.

At the arrival gate of Nadi International Airport in Fiji, you can choose two SIM cards. One is " Vodafone Fiji " ...

Another is " Digicel Fiji "

When I first entered Vodafone Fiji, the plan looks like this. Because Fijian people like talking, mostly data communication and calling are set plan. For data communication only, 15 days and 8GB plan is 65 Fiji dollars (about 3400 yen). However, it is advised to the clerk, "It is profitable at 70 Fiji Dollars (3700 yen)" which is a set of 10 GB & 15 Fiji dollar calls for 30 days, buy this one because it is 300 yen difference It was.

This time I will use it on iPhone 8.

The clerk basically speaks English and communication is possible even in English with one word. When handing iPhone, we will exchange SIM cards and make settings etc. Since Fiji is a lot of relaxing people, chatting with other clerks will be entered along the way, but as soon as you let me leave, the internet has become available in about 5 to 10 minutes.

After completing the work, we will receive the frame after removing the SIM card. Under the seal written "Prepay", the SIM card originally included in the iPhone was sandwiched.

I will also enter another Digicel Fiji.

Digicel Fiji's data plan looks something like this. In the case of data communication only, 49 Fiji dollars (about 2,500 yen) is a plan that 4 GB is 29 Fiji dollars (about 1500 yen), 5 GB domestic calls 100 minutes, SMS 100 calls, international calls 100 minutes are set. I tried purchasing SIM only for data communication.

So I tried to compare the speeds around the airport actually. First of all, I measured the communication speed of Vodafone Fiji and found it to be 16 Mbps.

On the other hand, when I tried Digicel Fiji in the same place, it was 1.1 Mbps. Depending on the location, it may be less than 1 Mbps, "Vodafone Fiji, there is only high ......" It seems to be good if you choose Vodafone Fiji if you value communication speed. Both Vodafone Fiji and Digicel Fiji SET cards were able to tether.

Is there a way to use the internet in Fiji other than SIM card? As I looked it up, there was an internet cafe in Nadi city as well.

I will enter a store written as "3D's Internet Cafe".

The place is here.

Inside is like this. There is a row of desks that are separated like a study room in the library.

Since there is a reception right after entering the store, if you tell "I want to use the Internet," you can tell the number of the desk.

A price list etc is stuck on the other side of the counter.

The Internet costs 0.04 Fiji dollars (about 2 yen) in 1 minute. The minimum cost is 20 Fijian cents (about 10 yen), one Fiji dollar (52 yen) per 30 minutes, two Fiji dollars per hour (approximately 104 yen).

To the desk where the number given to the clerk was shaken.

I tried it, the speed was 17 Mbps. Especially when you do not feel inconvenience you can do research and work.

When opening GIGAZINE it is like this.

There was also a copy machine and others, some people visited only to print materials without using a PC. If you pass data or documents, the clerk will do the printing work.

As 3D's Internet Cafe could not use Wi-Fi, is there a free Wi-Fi cafe etc? I tried looking and ... ....


When I entered the shop it was like this. It is a beautiful cafe.

I ordered a shop clerk for a drink and I tried to say "I want to use free Wi-Fi ... ...."

I received a paper with a user name and password. Select the desired network and enter this information OK.

It was supposed to be ... ... but it was not connected. I told the store clerk that "Server is stopping responding" is displayed, "I will check it for a while!" However, the situation does not improve even after an hour, and it was in the state of "I'm checking now" until the end.

Is there any other cafe offering free Wi-Fi? I examined it.

In the cafe called "Coffee Museum" ......

I found a character of Free Wi-Fi.

Inside of the shop was like this, it was also a beautiful and stylish cafe here. However, when I asked the store clerk, this shop answered "I can not use Wi - Fi today". Although there are free Wi-Fi shops in Nadi, it may be better not to expect too much.

There are many hotels offering paid or free Wi-Fi, so if you are a person who uses the Internet only at the hotel, if you are a person who wants to use the internet even outside, you purchase a SIM card It was better for those who were. There was a place where top-up (additional charge) could be done everywhere in the city. Also in the gift shop ......

With such a feeling, it was possible to top up Vodafone Fiji and Digicel Fiji.

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