Changing help page in response to problems that Google continued to gather information even when turning off location information

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Even Google's applications and web services have been reported as continuing to acquire and keep track of information even when users turn off the location information service of the terminal, which has become a big topic. In response to this problem, Google seems to change how to obtain location information, and quietly changes the contents of the help page .

Google Edits Help Page After Location - Tracking Revelation | Fortune

In August 2018, it was revealed that Google-made applications and web services were also collecting information from terminals that turned off location information function. Users told reporters that they were collecting location information where the user knew where and where they were doing. You can see how the Google app collects location information by reading the following article.

The Google application proved to continue tracking and collecting location data even if you disable location information - GIGAZINE

Legislation to protect users' privacy abroad, such as the EU's new data protection rule " GDPR " applied since May 2018, the consumer privacy law passed through the California State Council in June 2018, etc. It is a topic. Meanwhile, Google's actions that gathered information that could locate the whereabouts and visitors of users who turned off the location information function caused a discussion among users.

The AP, which reported that Google's service gathered location information, pointed out that "location information is accurately tracked every minute" by Google search, other web services, and some applications. It is not thought that this was collecting data via the location information service of the terminal, but it was considered to have collected information from the "location history" function of the Google account.

Meanwhile, Google updated the page explaining the mechanism of location history setting. In the explanation about the location history, "This setting does not affect other location information services on the user's device, such as searching Google location service or smart phone, except that some location information is Google search It will be saved in other services such as Google Maps and the like "and explanation contents are corrected. Although overseas media Fortune inquired of Google about content change of help page, comment was not obtained at the time of article creation.

You can also delete or turn off Location History from your Google Account.

Manage and delete Location History - Google Account Help

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