I tried using 'anonbox' which can be used automatically for a moment to discard meado & mailboxes that can be used free of charge the next morning

When you want to receive e-mail without knowing the e-mail address you usually use, or when you do not want your site's e-mail address to be collected on the site when registering a site that requires an e-mail address due to opening an account etc. It is convenient. " Anonbox " developed by Chaos Computer Club , a German hacker group, easily creates a completely anonymous abandoned e-mail address for free, and from e-mail address acquisition until 11:59 pm the next day, e-mail It is a service that can receive not only by sending but also by mailbox.

anonbox :: Chaos Computer Club

To create an abandoned e-mail address, please visit the official site and click "GENERATE" at the top of the screen.

Then, we threw away the e-mail address with just one click.

Below the mail address, the URL of the mailbox that can be opened in the web browser that receives the mail sent to the email address generated this time is displayed.

Below the mailbox URL, the URL of the mail reader that operates with Java Script was displayed, but this means that there is a possibility that the anonymity of the user may be slightly impaired, and the use is completely self-responsibility with use It is necessary to understand existence.

At the bottom of the page, the generated mail address and the time when the mailbox was destroyed were displayed. Mail received by anonbox is not stored on the server, so the log does not remain on the anonbox side either. Therefore, even if anononbox tells complaints such as "mail does not reach", it does not deal with it.

I will try using another email address to send mail to the discard email address generated by anonbox immediately.

Opening the mailbox URL created at the same time as the mail address ...

The source of the received mail was displayed. At the top is the sender's email address, the date and time of transmission, and the recipient's email address generated by anonbox.

The contents of the mail was also displayed at the bottom. However, as expected it is not overlooking that e-mail is hard to see.

So click on the URL of the mailbox that works with Java Script.

Then, a simple and easily visible mailbox was displayed. If you do not care about anonymity very much, you may try using Java Script mailboxes.

Next, I will send mail using Japanese and pictograms.

The body of the received e-mail is garbled, and it seems that Japanese and pictograms can not be used. However, only the subject part was displaying Japanese properly. The mail address generated by anonbox is reception only, you can not send mail or reply to received mail from here.

Next, I decided to check whether the abandoned mail address made with anonbox can be used even on the site that requires an e-mail address to open an account. This time, I will try to open an account on Twitter. Enter the name and the mail address generated by anonbox and click "Next".

Click "Register".

Enter the password and click "Next".

Then, you can open a Twitter account with the discard email address generated by anonbox.

E-mail has also been sent to Twitter from the mailbox.

However, when you click on "Confirm now" in the text ... ...

It says "Something is technically something is wrong" and it seems that it can not be done until the authentication of the mail address.

Still, the basic functions of Twitter could be used.

Anonbox can access by using Tor of anonymous communication system and can obtain higher anonymity. If you close the browser in anonbox, you can not restore the generated mail address or mailbox. Therefore, if you want to use a mail address or mailbox again after closing the browser, you may want to capture the generated screen or copy and save the text.

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