IT technology learning platform 'Pluralsight' that enables you to select optimal courses by measuring the skills of IT skills and learn efficiently

Although there are various things such as Progate, Udemy, dot installation, etc. for online service to learn programming, " Pluralsight " measures my ability by taking a test and recommends courses suitable for that ability It is a feature service. Originally it is a service that all the courses are open to the public at 29 dollars a month (about 3,200 yen), but this time I tried to confirm how much I actually had through my free trial.

Unlimited Online Developer, IT and Cyber ​​Security Training | Pluralsight

Go to Pluralsight's page and click "Start a FREE 10-day trial".

Please fill in your name, e-mail address, country of residence, check the agree to terms of service, click "Continue".

Enter payment information. After 10 days of the free trial, it automatically shifts to a monthly plan of course movie with a monthly charge of 29 dollars (about 3200 yen), so it is necessary to cancel within 10 days to try free.

Select PayPal this time. Set payment information on PayPal and click "Agree & Continue".

Then I moved to the page written "Thank you!". There are explanations such as that the free trial ends in 10 days, that it is up to 200 minutes to watch the lecture movie for free, and that it will shift to a monthly plan after the free trial ends. Click "Start learning".

As a clue to display the recommended course, I will input "what I want to learn". "IT Ops" about cloud and network infrastructure, "Creative & Marketing" of design, "Business" such as project management, "Data" for data analysis, including "CAD" etc. "Product Design & Manufacturing" such as Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Part Modeling, "Film, Games & VFX" such as 3D modeling, and "Infomation & Cyber ​​Security" about various security. Select one of the subdivided small items out of these, and click "Save Interests".

Then I will move to the home screen. When scrolling ......

A recommended course based on the information you entered appears. In this case, since we select "React" course which is a library for screen drawing developed by Facebook, click "React" in "Recommended paths" item.

In the lower part of the screen, courses for learning React are displayed for each degree of difficulty, but this time we will first take an exam and measure "Skill IQ" which is a measure of ability. Click "Check now" in the upper right.

It is stated that the examination has a time limit and that once you are dissatisfied with the score you can reaccept once. Click "Got it. Start the assessment!".

A sample of the test screen is displayed. Click "Ok. Let's do this!" To start the exam.

The actual test screen looks like this. There is a problem sentence on it, and choose what suits it from choices. A timer is displayed on the upper right, but this is not a fixed and fixed time, the difficult problem will be longer and the simple problem will be shorter. When the time limit expires, it will be handled incorrectly. When choosing an option, the correct answer is displayed, and it is understood on the spot whether it correctly made a mistake or not. The degree of difficulty of the next problem rises when answering correctly, and it goes down as it makes a mistake. We will not go to the next question until you click "Next Question" so we can also examine what you made a mistake when making a mistake.

The exam ends in about 20 questions and the measured Skill IQ is displayed. This time Skill IQ is "179" and it seems to be higher than 69% of people. It seems that there are many people who feel that "their skills should not be so high ...", so it may be displayed higher. Click "Back to path" in the lower right to return to the course screen.

Courses that are considered to have been learned based on Skill IQ will be marked "PASSED". In this way you can attend only those courses that you can skill up according to your skill.

Subtitles can be set for course movies. The atmosphere of machine translation can be felt somewhat, but it is quite accurate so I can watch it in Japanese enough.

The measured Skill IQ will be displayed on the profile page.

I tried to watch a course for beginners called "React: The Big Picture", but Illustrations that make it easier to understand are arranged everywhere, and also from the things like "Why do you learn React" to " Comparing with other frameworks "in an easy-to-understand manner, and I feel that the information that I wanted to know before actually writing the code is gathered and it is a quite high-quality course. I think that the on-line service that such courses are learned and unlimited is high cost-effective for learning skills.

In Pluralsight, courses to acquire skills are collected for each degree of difficulty, and if combined with Skill IQ calculated by examination, it is easy to find courses suitable for you. Instead of buying one book for each month, if you purchase more than one technical document every month, it is quite a great and practical choice to charge Pluralsight monthly and watch the course.

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