"English strength measurement test" of NHK publication which immediately understands my English ability

Measurement test of English ability which anyone can challenge immediately is done on NHK publishing site. Recommended NHK English courses are displayed according to the average point of the test, so it is convenient when you think that it is better to study a little by looking at the result of the test.

The test is from the following.
NHK Publication English Proficiency Test │ Top Page

Check the box on the right and click "GO!".

The statistical information is displayed first. The average score is 73 points. Click "GO!" At the bottom of the page to start the test.

There are 10 questions in all, the first 4 questions are listening problems.

When the answer is over, please check the grade / age and viewing course and go to the confirmation screen.

The scoring result is like this.

Challenge 2 is also available, but here I can not challenge without entering the code that is on the "NHK English Course Official Guide 2008".

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