Musical sound mastering tool "sound training" which will surprisingly understand which sound is sound and which sound is lost

I like music, but I'm not confident of the sound feeling, so I do not like karaoke, and many people say that it is hard to put out hands on musical instruments. Free sound mastering tool"Sound training"It is a tool that seems to be an opportunity to eliminate such a complex complex.

This tool is a game-type training tool that finds a certain sound on the keyboard of the piano, and it can be played easily on the browser. In the first place, it seems that most people have not tried how much you can recognize the high and low of the sound, but when you actually try it, you can surprise the sound surprisingly and build confidence You may be able to do it.

Details on "sound training" are as follows.Sound sense master tool "Sound training" (elementary) | Project IDEEILE

The whole screen of "sound training" is a simple thing like this.

The upper line is a problem, clicking each level button written like "Level 1", the "3.2.1" lamp lights and the theme sounds.

In Level 1, you will be only qualified from the eight notes of Doremifah sola at the center of the keyboard. Since the sound of the black key is not given, it is OK if it first searches from the white key.

Click on the keyboard to find the same sound as the sound that sounds.

If you make a mistake, the classic error sound "bo" will sound, "incorrect answer" will be displayed.

If you do not understand the subject, you can listen to the sound as many times as you click "Listen again".

If you answer correctly, proceed to the next problem. While we make a mistake at the beginning, let's proceed with reliance on the feeling that "it was higher than the previous one, it was low."

If it clears about 5 questions, it will become unexpected to understand. The first challenge was a correct answer rate of 47.6%.

If you click "Level 1", you can challenge the problem from the same part again.

The second time it became possible to recognize the sound considerably, it was 66.6% correct answer rate.

Next challenge to Level.

In addition to the range mentioned above, the black key is added to the range of questions this time.

Although the difficulty level has increased due to the increased range of questions, the correct answer rate is the same as when Level. 1 was first done. I feel that it is now possible to recognize the high and low of the sound more accurately than at the beginning.

It is a tool that can be played very easily, it is a tool that can be enjoyed even by people who are not confident in the sound feeling because it is possible to practice by mistake many times. We have seven levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students, and because they are content that we can respond to, we can not be confident enough if we can identify sounds at all levels Cow.

Sound sense master tool "Sound training" (elementary) | Project IDEEILE

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