KDDI is free of charge for 24 hours a day between family members of au, 980 yen per month plans for free call minutes

KDDI today announced that inter-family calls will be made free for 24 hours for users using au mobile phones.

We also make similar revisions to discounts provided for corporate users, and in addition to calling free, we are also planning a campaign with monthly basic usage fee of 980 yen, even with free calls.

Details are as follows.
KDDI Company Info: News release> Domestic calls to family members can be used free of charge 24 hours a day by using "Family Discount" and "Everybody Discount" together

According to this release, KDDI is currently offering 30% discount on family talking fee provided by "Family Discount" by users who subscribe to "Family Discount", "Everybody Discount" or "Smile Heart Discount" To Saturday, March 1st (Sat) for 24 hours after making it free, we will also make 60% discount on video calls.

By the way, even though we have subscribed to "Family Discount", it is said that outgoing calls by users who have not signed up for "Everybody Discount" or "Smile Heart Discount" are not eligible for free.

KDDI Company Info: News Releases> Implementation of "Corporate Limited au Welcome Campaign"

In addition, from March 1 (Sat), revision of "corporate discount" was also conducted, and users contracting "corporate discount" and "anybody discount" will receive domestic calls to employees in the same " Will be free for 24 hours, and for corporations that have made new contracts during the period of "Corporate Limited au Welcome Campaign" which will be held from Saturday, March 1, 2008 to Saturday, May 31, 2008, It is said that the usage fee will be 980 yen until May 2010, and will also offer a special charge with free calls of 1050 yen.

Although it is a special charge of becoming substantially 0 yen, will not we do the same campaign for individual users ...?

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