Amazon launches "STEM Club" service that allows you to subscribe scientific toys for children for about 2,000 yen a month

Amazon purchases a "science toy" that children are going to be crazy and sends out every month with a subscription service "STEM ClubOn January 24, 2017 American Amazon announced it. The cost is $ 19.99 a month (about 2,300 yen), so that products are sent according to the age of the child.

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As its name implies, STEM Club is a service that Amazon chooses toys related to science (Science), technology (Technology), engineering (Engineering), mathematics (Mathematics), at the time of article creation, It is getting. It is the biggest point that a toy automatically arrives monthly with a flat rate system, there are three types of "3 to 4 years old", "5 to 7 years old", "8 to 13 years old" according to age, Amazon will pick out scientific toys suitable for each generation and ship it. In addition, the items that are chosen by this service are not sold in general, but only those that are exclusively wholesaled to Amazon. STEM Club Toy Subscription: 3-4 year olds: Memberships and Subscriptions

Three to four year old toys look like this, it seems that choosing numbers and learn simple car toys will be selected.

Toys with ages 5 to 7 seem to be more scientific elements.

When it is 8 to 13 years old, it seems that some items that can carry out simple chemical experiments will be included.

Even if you want to make a child touch scientific knowledge, it is not easy to choose things that are appropriate for children's education from a number of products, so people who can feel convenient to purchase services that can be purchased automatically Many. Although it is a service not yet introduced in Japan, "Amazon regular flight toku" which consumables, daily necessities, mineral water etc. arrive monthly can also be used in Japan.

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