Google found out that it had developed a search engine with censorship function for China

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When Google, which had withdrawn from mainland China in 2010, is considering offering search service for China domestically in a way that accepts censorship in China, Intercept of overseas media is going to be Google's internal document and stakeholders We report from the testimony of.

Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal

The Chinese government has adopted a censorship system called " Gold shield ", censors and blocks most of the information on the net. SNS such as Twitter · Instagram · Facebook can hardly be used. Still, many people in the country use the Internet, and 95% or more of those who access the Internet in China have been found to be using mobile terminals such as smartphones. Also, about 80% of Chinese smartphone users are Android users .

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According to Google officials, the project called codenamed "Dragonfly", which began in the spring of 2017, was held in December 2017 between Google's Thunder Pichai CEO and the Chinese Communist Party's top executive, Wang Junning It is said that the search application for Android which developed by Chinese censorship system was developed. The search application for Android called "Maotai" "Longfei" developed by Google is already submitted to the Chinese government, so if you can obtain approval from the Chinese authorities over the next 6 to 9 months, these searches Intercept reports when the application is released.

In the internal document obtained by Intercept, when searching on Google's search application for China, the website on "human rights" "democracy" "religion" "peaceful protest" is the Chinese Internet censorship and filtering function All of them are deleted from the search results by " Great Firewall ", and "Disclaimer" is displayed as "There may be some results deleted due to legal requirements" It is said that.

Patrick Poon , the human rights organization " Amnesty International " said, "Google's decision to comply with censorship is a major disaster in the information age, which has serious consequences for the Internet's freedom itself, not just in China I will tell you.

This is not the first time Google has partnered with China. Google had provided a search engine with censorship function to China from 2006 to 2010. However, in 2010 Google moved to Hong Kong to avoid censorship of the Chinese government through Google search, Google News, Google image search, and now it provides uncensored search results. Therefore, China blocked Google, the relationship worsened. As of 2018, most Internet users in China can not access Google search service because they are blocked by the Great Firewall.

Search result censorship issue between Google and the Chinese government, what is going on and how did it move to Hong Kong - GIGAZINE

However, Mr. Pichaai, who assumed office as CEO of Google in October 2015, said in a Code Conference held in June 2016, "Google is for everyone and for Chinese users to service in China I'd like to provide it, and Google is always open if I can re-enter it correctly in a well-thought way. " Google seems to be moving towards improving relations with China. While Baidu occupies the largest share in China, we will pay attention to how much Google can re-enter.

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