What is the new way of thinking adopted in several countries to break 'chain of violence'?

By Zack Lee

Violence and crime that people hurt are hardly to disappear from society. In order to reduce such malicious intent to make it a world without violence, new approaches that are different from conventional "penalties" are adopted in some countries.

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Mr. Kristen Goodool, who worked as a surgeon in Glasgow, Scotland, accepted an emergency man who had a big scratch on his face. Glasgow is a city that shows a very high homicide rate in the world, and that the violent incident is a city that happens on a daily basis. Mr. Goodre looking at the scar of the man said that he was worried that "This wound can not be cured, how can I explain to him," but the man in question is totally worried about the scratches on his face It is said that it was not.

Generally, it is thought that taking a big scratch on the face has a great damage to the heart, and there is not a little influence on the life afterwards. Nonetheless, Mr. Goodrer who was unable to understand that men showed a gentle attitude, but he saw a group of friends who came to visit and was able to solve the mystery. Both male friends who have been brought to have a scar on their face just like men. In other words, for this man, the scar on his face was not like "I can not return in the past, a big bite in my life", but it was like "a medal accepted by my friends".

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This event can be one big hint in thinking violence. Those who have damaged others or their property in violence will be subject to criminal penalties and civil responsibility. Although it is a general idea of ​​crime management to deter crime by giving penalty to wrongdoing, in the sense that it is really deterring crime, this method can be said to be symptomatic treatment . In order to prevent the occurrence of violence and to really eliminate violence from society, the idea that it is important not to suppress by law but to eliminate "the way of thinking leading to violence" has attracted attention, and in fact one It is practiced in department. .

The idea is that there is something in common with "spread of diseases". Often infectious and epidemic diseases such as AIDS, which many people lose their lives, and influenza and colds, are often spread among people because of their inadequate prior handling. AIDS, which is one of the major factors of sexual intercourse, can be an effective defense against using tools such as condoms. In addition, influenza can expect a certain preventive effect by ingesting a vaccine. In the same way, by suppressing "the transmission of violence" at the grassroots level, the idea of ​​reducing the environment where violence itself occurs from society is emerging.

One example of shifting it to practice is the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) in Glasgow. VRU is an organization belonging to the Scottish police, not only arresting what has committed the crime of violence as in the past, judging by law, but also what police or emergency It is an effort to bring in understanding by bringing in volunteers, preschoolers, victims' families and others.

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It is said that VRU's approach is "public health" approach to suppress violence. This means that it is an approach to stop the violence from spreading from person to person like sickness. One of the reasons why people act violently is the fact that "I became a victim of violence." Efforts are undertaken to create an environment that does not further expand violence by interrupting violence calling for violence and infinitely spreading the chain of malice.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) 's guidelines for deterring violence, "Although violence always exists, the world does not have to accept it as an unavoidable part of human conditions". The guidelines also assert that violence can deter violence in the same way that various diseases are avoided by public health, "even if it is a factor of attitude or behavior, a greater social, economic, political, culture Factors that contribute to violent reactions may change, whether they relate to conditional conditions or not. "

Even in Chicago in the United States, similar efforts are being done to prevent transmission of violence. An organization called "Cure Violence" belonging to the University of Illinois School of Public Health, like VRU, contacts people who commit crimes and implements care and improves the way of thinking (mindset), thereby linking people to violence He said he urged him to shift to a peaceful world where he lives by working normally from the world. The staff who practices this effort is called "interrpter (deterrent)" and he seems to be doing the day and night efforts to cut off the vicious cycle of violence.

By Pedro Ribeiro Simões

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