Loneliness affects the human body as much as smoking and obesity

It seems that studies have found that such loneliness has adversely affected the human body as much as smoking and obesity, although it is not very good, such as becoming alone and thinking only about negative things when it comes to loneliness.

Let's see how loneliness has a negative effect on the human body.

Details are as follows.
Loneliness is as bad for health as smoking or obesity, experts warn | Mail Online

It seems that when separated from family and friends and lonely state, it became clear that the blood pressure increased and the function of the immune system weakened. Furthermore, according to psychologist John Cacioppo, loneliness makes it difficult to sleep and it also promotes dementia. Also, it seems that the possibility of relying on sleeping pills will become higher as life becomes irregular.

The cause of raising blood pressure by loneliness is a kind of hormoneCortisolIt is said that it is caused by being secreted in large quantities by the stress of loneliness being added. As this cortisol is secreted in large quantity, blood pressure rises as heart attack or stroke occurs. When examining the difference in blood pressure between a person who is extremely lonely and an actively active person, it seems that there was a difference of about 30. In addition, it is also due to the secretion of cortisol in large amounts that the immunity declines.

It seems that it is estimated that loneliness does not yet know the reason why dementia is early, but it is presumed that isolation may result in lack of brain flexibility. Also, the level of harm that loneliness will adversely affect the human body is at the same level as obesity and smoking.

Mr. Cacioppo thinks that the modern age where it is less susceptible to direct contact with people as the Internet develops is an environment susceptible to loneliness and advocates that more humans need to have direct contact with each other It seems to be doing.

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