It turned out that influenza virus spreads even by normal breathing alone

The influenza that the trend spreads in winter is a troublesome disease that attracts people's high interest in not only Japan but all over the world. As a precautionary measure, it is generally widely known that preventive injections, sequestration of onset persons, and "wearing masks" which are found to be ineffective are generally widely known, but from the latest research, virus holdersSimply breathing just spreads the virusI know that.

Infectious virus in exhaled breath of symptomatic seasonal influenza cases from a college community

Flu may be spread just by breathing, new study shows; coughing and sneezing not required | UMD School of Public Health

Studies conducted by scientists at the University of Maryland have revealed that the spread of influenza virus is more easily occurring than it had been hitherto thought. In an article "Infectious virus in exhaled breath of symptomatic seasonal influenza cases from a college community" published in the National Academy of Sciences (Infectious virus in the breath of a person showing seasonal influenza cases in the university community), influenza patients exhale A large amount of infectious virus is contained in the air, and there is evidence showing the need to consider air infection due to expiration.

Dr. Donald K. Milton, Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, Dr. Donald K. Milton with a Master of Public Health degree said, "The air around people with symptoms of influenza is only breathing without coughing or sneezing Has been contaminated with infectious virus as well.If people with influenza release the infectious aerosol into the air, especially on the first day of influenza, so someone If you get influenza, you should prevent infections to others by putting them in the office soon after going home. "

The research team led by Dr. Milton investigated influenza viruses included in "regular exhalation" "exhalation at utterance" "spontaneous cough" "sneeze" collected from 142 people suffering from influenza, I investigated the degree. From the subjects, 218 samples of expired and coughed sneezes and sneezing breath samples collected over 30 minutes were collected for each sample wiped with a swab-shaped instrument "swab" in the nose.

Analysis of these samples revealed that aerosols contained in exhalation released by many influenza patients contained enough influenza virus to cause airborne infection. And it should be noted that the fact that even normal exhalation contained many viruses. Of the 23 kinds of aerosol samples contained in spontaneous expiration, 11 kinds of 48% of the aerosol samples contained virus RNAs detectable, and 8 of them contained infectious virus I will. And it is also clear that the surprising fact that the proportion of virus contained in aerosol samples contained in sneezing is not much different from that contained in normal exhalation. In other words, influenza virus does not contain much in sneezing, but it turns out that ordinary exhalation also contains the same amount and is diffused.

The authors of the paper pointed out that these findings are aimed at improving the mathematical model of influenza propagating in the air, creating more effective public health measures, and suppressing and alleviating the influence of the influenza epidemic I am writing that it makes it possible. If an influenza patient comes out, it is important to isolate the infected person first, for example, by going home for the first time, and at the same time not to take immunization at the same time And that. Certainly there are cases of influenza, even if you receive vaccination, but because it can be expected to prevent the disease from becoming severe, it is not totally meaningless.

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