What is the story flow common to big hit movies?

The Guardian reports that the British scientists' team found that "movies that are hit has a certain flow to a certain extent". Although this story line does not necessarily become "the most favorite story", it tends to become a topic, and it is said that it will be the greatest commercial success.

Scientists uncover formula for box office movie success | Film | The Guardian

Scientists analyzed the screenplay data for over 6,000 movies and filtered them under a series of algorithms. Among them, they discovered a flow called "Man in a hole" as an emotional arc that generates the most money.

Ganna Pogrebna, Professor of Behavioral Economics and Data Sciences at Birmingham University, said: "The discovery of this method can fundamentally change the view of both the filmmaker and the viewer," said the research team leader. And it is thought that it becomes possible to listen to what truly the audience is seeking by the discovery of this scheme.

Researchers have categorized movies into six categories from emotional changes often seen in novels. The classification is "rags to riches" which depicts the continued rise of emotion, "riches to rags" which is opposite to emotion, "Man in "a hole", in reverse, raise it after lifting "Icarus", drop it up and raise again "Cinderella", falling and falling "Oedipus" are 6 patterns.

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As a result of analyzing the movie that succeeded greatly according to these classifications, the story of "Man in a hole" style drawing the trajectory of falling into a tragedy from a happy state and obtaining happiness again is the most successful movie I understood that there was.

As far as the biographies are concerned, although "rags to riches" becoming rich from non-sentence was the top, this form makes it possible to make a big difference in other forms in mystery and thriller. Also, the rapidly falling "riches to rags" was a comedy and recorded overwhelming slumps, which means that there was bias due to genre.

About this, Mr. Pogrebna explains "Discovery by this research is multidimensional". The "riches to rags" story depicting the decline is a commercially successful case (Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins") when large-scale large-scale budget was thrown, such as feature works, etc. Once raised It is said that "Icarus" to be dropped from is the most successful in the low budget, depending on the genre of the movie and the production situation.

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Mr. Pogrebna says that it should not only create "Man in a hole", "We do not want to kill the film industry, and if we can figure out what can be commercially successful, academic The results of the survey will be a guarantee to produce a more experimental movie, "he said, hoping that the film company will be more creative.

This research content has been published by Cornell University Library in the United States under the title " The Data Science of Hollywood: Using Emotional Arcs of Movies to Drive Business Model Innovation in Entertainment Industries ".

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