I added a rich 'Pork Bone Powder Soup' and I ate 'Loose Can △ ~ Curry noodle ~'

Even after the end of this broadcasting TV anime " Lo Kan △ " continues to popular such as rebroadcasting and bus tour planning. From "Saturday, July 21, 2018" Saturday, July 21, 2018 has appeared which packaged "curry noodles" that appeared in the first episode of " Lo Kan △ ~ Curry noodle ~ ". I attempted to taste this product that the taste of curry of Nadeshiko that appeared in the fifth episode can also be tasted by "Pork bone powder soup" attached.

Amazon | Lucky △ ~ curry noodle ~ (6 pieces set: 12 meals included) | Hachiro noodle | ramen mail order

"Lo Kan △ ~ curry noodle ~" can be purchased from the above-mentioned Amazon.co.jp, but "Store Yu △ Can be held for a limited time only in summer " will be opened at two shops of Animeite Osaka Nihonbashi store and Toranoana dress A As it was inside, we decided to head to an animate with product handling.

Inside the shop, there are 5 main characters in a swimsuit-like panel ......

Camping goods which appeared in the work were being exhibited.

In the vicinity of this space, I found "Lo Kan △ ~ Curry noodle ~" I was looking for. I will purchase it.

"Lo Kan △ ~ curry noodle ~" is a product of the same name which appeared in the first episode " Fuji-san and curry noodles ", it is a two-meal entertainment tax of 900 yen. The main character at the bottom of the package, the leading character · Kakamigahara Nadeshiko says "A little pork bone powder soup for hidden taste" is said in the fifth episode " Two camps, two people's view " Nadesiko as a hidden taste of curry Comment stemming from using Tonkotsu soup.

Contents amount is 220 g, 110 g for one meal, raw ingredients "flavor" such as wheat flour. "Soup" column includes curry powder, pork extract powder, onion powder, garlic powder. The column of "umami powder" posted separately includes pork extract, chicken extract, seasoning (amino acids etc.) etc. In the past, " Hachiro no maki " of the manufacturing company includes " Ramen love Koizumi Mr. Koizumi Mr. Koizumi " collaboration " Ramen love Koizumi Mr. Soy Sauce Ramen " in the past and " Polar bear noodle " made in commemoration of the polar bear baby at the Oga Aquarium Manufacturer of Akita prefecture that made.

Energy is 376 kcal and carbohydrate is 75.5 g. The expiration date is around 5 months at room temperature.

It seems that noodles taste like noodles rather than other non-fried noodles by using the manufacturing technology (PDF) "low-temperature mist aged dry noodles".

One other card game " Lucky △ ~ Anywhere tent! ~ " Is included in one campaign campaign campaign gift to one person each month, you can apply for 5 cards.

When wrapping the package wrapping paper, the box is brown.

One box of "Curry noodle" and two "serving character's original stickers" are included in the box. Curry noodle that appeared in the first episode of anime was a cup type instant noodle, but this product has become a bag type instant noodle to boil noodles in a pot.

There were all five original stickers, the scene where Shima Rin presented curry noodles in the first episode which was enclosed in the box this time.

I will try making curry noodles, "curry soup" "curry powder" set of curry noodles in a set.

As to how to make "To add more vegetables to your taste makes it even more delicious", so we prepared commercially available "boiled egg" and "chopped lime".

First of all, we will prepare a tool. This time I just added "Boiled egg" cut in half.

Next, put the noodles in 650 cc of boiling water.

While paying attention to the whistle, boil for a total of 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Three minutes have elapsed since I started boiling and I will return the tempura and lightly loosen it.

Three minutes passed and lightly rub off ... ...

I boil for a total of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, so I will boil for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

When boiling is done, after turning off the fire of the stove, put "curry soup" little by little and mix well.

Cooking is completed if you move on a bowl.

If you add the ingredients prepared earlier, it will be completed.

Soup with hot and tempura has a delicious taste of pork, which is complemented by discreet pungent taste. Curry is sweet, but easy spice has a taste, it is simple but it does not get tired.

Although sheep is smooth and thin, there is moderate elasticity and elasticity is close to raw meat. I often get involved with curry soup and smell curry as I sip.

I will try adding the "Pork Bone Powder Soup" appended separately "umami powder".

Since it is about putting in quantity according to your preference, it is about one-third put in wait-and-see.

I mixed it and drank soup, but I am not confident enough that the taste has changed, "Is it just slightly thick?"

In the end I decided to introduce them all.

When mixed, the curry soup became somewhat white turbid.

When I tried it, I felt plenty of umami of pork and chicken and it turned into rich curry soup. I finished in instant noodles that can enjoy the change of taste with 1 cup.

"Lo Kan △ ~ curry noodle ~" selling stores are AKIHABARA gamers head office , main store of animate except for some stores, gachi ★ Assobi CAFE store, Koan campsite , Amazon and so on.

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