Samsung will also disappear Apple's iPhone X, 'The download speed of iPhone X is not faster than Galaxy S 9'

Samsung has released a commercial that often challenges Apple products, but has released a commercial that "iPhone X download speed is not faster than Galaxy S 9" newly.

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Male walking to the Apple Store location.

I meet a woman looking for a new smartphone ......

"I'm not sure that the download speed of iPhone X is the fastest?"

"No, it's faster than the iPhone 8!" The man will reply ... ...

"But is not it faster than the Galaxy S9?"

The man who was questioned was "Mr." and this expression.

"I think that download speed is an important thing with smartphones ...."

The man sighs ... ...

Although trying to say something as "What I say ... ...."

I could not connect the words and got a vague smile.

Samsung has created commercials that have challenged Apple in the past, and just after the introduction of iPhone X, we have announced a commercial that will disband the iPhone.

Samsung's "I was an iPhone believer, until I transfer to Galaxy", released a movie, I think that Samsung is an iPhone believer finish - GIGAZINE

However, after that, Motorola also developed a CM that dislikes Samsung who will be disconnected from the iPhone.

Motorola "I was an iPhone believer until I transfer to Galaxy" Add real ending to the movie - GIGAZINE

"The download speed of iPhone X is not faster than Galaxy S 9" is Samsung's claim based on the content reported in the survey of Speedtest in May 2018. However, appleinsider wrote that "There is no big difference in download speed depending on the location of the test because it depends on the line speed to be used", "Samsung's argument ignores the performance benchmark", and Geekbench 's score and It explains that iPhone X is wrapped up with both graphic performance.

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