A movie in which Google's own smartphone "Nexus One" is actually running is finally released

Google adopted the latest version of "Android" OS for mobile phonesWe plan to introduce our first in-house smartphone "Nexus One"Has been revealed on December 14, but the movie that is actually working is finally released.

It is displayed "XAlthough the animation of "is impressive, what kind of meaning is putting in embarrassment?

Details are as below.
This is the movie "Nexus One" is running. Unfortunately most of them are short movies about 21 seconds occupied by active scenes, but it seems that animation of the letter "X" projected in 4 colors is impressive.
YouTube - Nexus One Video

Where you started. The Android logo is displayed.

Movie with extracted startup animation
YouTube - NexusOne Boot Animation

It is "Nexus One" which is a high-end model with Qualcomm's "Snapdragon processor" operating at 1 GHz, a high resolution organic EL display, the ability to convert sound to sentences, touch screen and software keyboard, The next report is awaited.

Also, at the following site we are going to release a new movie soon.

Nexus One

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