Seven points to keep in mind to effectively acquire business English


In a global workplace, it is not unlikely that people who are not native speak need to speak English. However, it is difficult for people who are already working but not students to find the time to study. EF Education First, which provides language lessons, conducts surveys each year around the world, and based on the findings, " Efficiently Improve Business English Skills " is being disclosed .

How to Improve Your Business English

◆ 1: Set a goal

by Lukas

Learning is most effective by setting "difficult" but "achievable" goals. Just do not just study, please make a clear deadline. This goal is not an ambiguous thing like "to be able to make presentations in English", but it seems like "It will make it easier to make a 10-minute presentation about English sales goals in English without PowerPoint by the end of August" Necessity is necessary.

◆ 2: Make Customs <br> Find out how to practice English daily or weekly. Periodic efforts will give driving force and it is possible to habits of learning. For example, reading one research article a day, making a presentation once a week, writing the progress of the team in English once a week, etc. is an example of habituation.

◆ 3: I believe in myself
Motivation goes well for people with greater self-efficacy, and will try harder tasks even with difficult tasks. It is important to think carefully whether you believe you can achieve the goal you set yourself. If you can not believe it, reset the goal to a goal that you think you can achieve, such as making the goal smaller.

◆ 4: Enjoy learning

by Bekka Mongeau

People who have a positive attitude towards learning will make efforts and learn from people with negative attitudes. If you are afraid of studying English you need to rethink your approach. Reading books you like in English, getting cooking classes in English, and creating a creative study method is key.

◆ 5: Using trustworthy teaching materials - TV programs, podcasts, TED talks etc give a glimpse of the native world to learners of English. By using these, you can prepare the real world to use English and enjoy learning more than strict teaching materials. Look for good sentences, good speakers, and imitate their formats, syntax, wording and so on. Teaching materials that are adapted to reality will not only make you fluent in languages ​​but also expand your knowledge in specific fields.

◆ 6: Join the positive learning community


There are many applications that help people learn English by themselves, but there are still some that are gained by excellent teachers and the learning community. Superior teachers can help you achieve achievable goals and help you overcome obstacles that will emerge through the goal. Also, if there are people who can support each other, it is also possible to work hard together without giving up on the way.

◆ 7: Requesting Feedback From research, it is clear that rapid and frequent feedback enhances the effect of learning. Let's ask regular feedback from teachers, etc. while practicing an important speech or trying to suggest business. If you find a person who likes pointing out small points about wording and grammar, it will help you use perfect English.

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