Battery abnormally decreases phenomenon on iPhone updated to iOS 11.4

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It is reported that the phenomenon that iPhone battery updated to iOS 11.4 abnormally decreases early is occurring. Many comments on this topic have been posted on Apple's forums.

PSA: If you are experiencing excessive battery drain on iOS 11.4, it's not just you | 9to5Mac

iOS 11.4 was released on May 29, 2018 in the American time, and there are many people who actually updated their iPhone. However, on Apple's forum, a user named "Zide99" updated iOS to 11.4, but I posted content that appealed that the battery became abnormally diminished.

iOS 11.4 battery drain | Communities

My iPhone 6 was working perfectly fine until I updated to iOS 11.4 and ever since I was not using it for a while. I used to go a full day without charging it now it may last half a day. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am just wondering if this is new to update.

My iPhone 6 was operating much better, but after updating to iOS 11.4 the battery has become abnormally diminished even if you are not using the terminal. Until then I could use it all day without charging, but now I have only half a day. Perhaps I wonder if the function I had turned off by myself to reduce the consumption of batteries was turned on by the update without permission. I do not do anything other than iOS update, so it is very strange that this happens. Please give me something to fix.

Many reply is attached to this post, and at the time of article creation, the number of pages with only reply has reached 33 pages. The same is true for my iPhone 6 Plus: "The remaining amount fell from 50% to 20% in a blink of time" or "I reduced from 100% to 40% in only 4 hours" I tried a clean installation, but the situation did not change. "Both of these appealed that the battery was abnormally reduced with iOS update.

A certain user clicks on "Personal Hotspot" ("Internet sharing" in the Japanese screen) in the item of "Battery Usage" displayed on the "setting" → "battery" screen in the past 24 hours We are capturing and posting screens showing that 47% of the battery has been consumed.

About this matter, Apple's correspondence is unknown at the time of article creation, details are uncertain as to whether correspondence can be taken by " iOS 11.4.1 " beta version is provided.

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