Removing the Facebook app revealed that the battery of the smartphone lasts up to 20%

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It was a case that Facebook's iOS application was wasting the battery even if turning off the background operation, in 2015Facebook officially acknowledges the problem, Released a modified version of the update. Although it was a Facebook application problem which seemed to have been settled in one case, multiple users reported that the Android application wastefully consuming the battery, and it turned out that even the iOS application still consumed the battery .

Uninstalling Facebook app saves up to 20% of Android battery life | Technology | The Guardian

Uninstalling Facebook app saves up to 15% of iPhone battery life | Technology | The Guardian

Android blog "Android Central"Performance improves when uninstalling Android app on FacebookSince we posted the article saying, Reddit has done verification to verify the truth in a series of successions. As a result of verification by multiple Reddit users,FacebookApp and FacebookMessengerFor smartphones that have deleted applications,15% faster than other applicationsIt has been proved that.

The Guardian reporter who received this verified the influence on the battery life of the Facebook application. Made by HuaweiNexus 6PRemove the Facebook application from the third party application "Metal for Facebook & amp; Twitter"We measured the battery consumption for one week, and it is announced that battery life has improved by 20%.

The Guardian reporter did with Metal as usual to receive Facebook notifications and to watch the timeline. The Messanger application has not been deleted, it means that the Facebook application for Android consumed more power than necessary in the background. In other words, just by deleting the Facebook application, the Android smartphone's behavior will be quicker and the battery consumption can be reduced. If you access Facebook from Chrome etc. instead of Metal, you can expect the same effect.

Also, when the same The Guardian reporter did a similar verification on the iPhone 6s Plus for one week, it turned out that the remaining battery charge improved by 15% even when deleting the iOS application. The verification method is to delete the Facebook application while leaving the Messanger application and use Facebook from Safari. It is the result of measuring the remaining battery power after using it from 7:30 to 22:30 from full charge every day.

Although it is not verified about the speed of operation, it means that the battery waste problem that should have been fixed still remains, and the reporter says, "Some functions are restricted, but Facebook creates Facebook shortcuts in Safari Then, the appearance of the application is almost the same, so we can reduce the battery consumption. " In addition, Facebook post reporters replied "We are currently investigating and working on problem improvement" regarding both iOS and Android issues.

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