YouTube announces new functions 'Channel Memberships', 'Merchandise', 'Introducing Premieres' that you can earn for video creators

Creating movies on YouTube The basic way creators earn income is to get a share from advertising revenue attached to movies. But this alone is not enough, on YouTube, for creators, we are developing "money making earnestly" one by one. I introduce the means that creators earn on the official blog.

Official YouTube Blog: VidCon 2018: Helping creators earn more money and build stronger communities

According to YouTube, there are localized versions in 90 languages ​​and 80 languages ​​in the world, users who access monthly on YouTube have exceeded 1.9 billion people. We will continue to provide the creators with a place of expression while offering creators "means to earn money" to encourage free action.

The main pillar of such revenue on YouTube is to receive allocation from advertisement fee from advertiser. The number of creators who earn more than $ 10,000 (about 1.1 million yen) per year compared with 2017 has increased by 35%, and the number of creators who earn over 100,000 dollars (about 11 million yen) has increased by 40%. And, in addition to advertising income as a pillar, YouTube is trying to increase creators who can earn money by providing creator tools besides advertisement revenues.

Super Chat
In order to be able to communicate closely with creators who do live delivery, there is "Super Chat" which sells the top line of comments. In Super Chat, letters are made to stand out, character increase options and so on are prepared, and creators can earn income through communication with viewers.

◆ Channel Memberships
For channels with more than 100,000 subscribers, you can collect monthly subscription fee of $ 4.99 (about 550 yen) from viewers using "Channel Memberships". Conventional "sponsorships" will be summarized in Channel Memberships.

With Channel Memberships, creators can also prepare their own benefits in addition to standard features such as member badges, new emoticons, members-only forums, etc. for members. For example, it is also possible to provide live streaming and bonus movies exclusively for members.

Creators who have already implemented Channel Memberships have realized remarkable revenue increase. It seems that mikefalzone of comedy channel has achieved revenue more than 3 times.

◆ Merchandise
If a creator produces and sells its own goods, it can be a major source of revenue. Merchandise realizes this. With partnership with Teespring and YouTube that began with T - shirt 's cloud funding, creators can create over 20 original products including logo T - shirts and smartphone cases and sell them within the channel.

Merchandise is able to use creators who live in America with more than 10,000 registrants. Lucas the Spider channel has sold more than 1 million dollars (about 110 million yen) in 18 days by producing a stuffed toy of the hero and selling it to over 60,000 viewers.

A New Way To Sell Merch on YouTube - YouTube

The hurdle for restricting usage nearby is scheduled to be lowered. In addition, it seems that we will also increase the number of partner companies responsible for producing original goods.

◆ Introducing Premieres
YouTube is working on "Introducing Premieres" that allows you to share and distribute movies in real time by foretelling movie delivery and notifying viewers.

The method of live-sharing a movie with Introducing Premieres is explained in the following movie.

Introducing Premieres - YouTube

Introducing Premieres is a service that allows live delivery of pre-uploaded movies.

The delivery time is displayed in the movie using Introducing Premieres function.

Because viewers can set reminders with a single click, the risk of overlooking movie delivery is dramatically reduced.

Until a movie is delivered, users can be excited with live chat.

There is also a countdown just before live delivery.

You can share "live feeling" as if the entire community of creators enjoyed the latest movies in one theater.

When you specify publishing in Introducing Premieres, when a movie is uploaded, a public landing page is automatically created and a new movie is announced.

Introducing Premieres will be released in the second half of 2018 to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. You can experience the live impression of Introducing Premieres in the movie of Leroy Sanchez , which some creators are already in the preliminary test and are live on June 23rd 2018 at 1 am.

Leroy Sanchez - Do not Let Me Down (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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