'Copyright Match Tool' to notify creators that the same video was posted on YouTube appeared

When YouTube is a new feature for creators, when the same thing as a movie posted on YouTube in the past was uploaded to another user, the original contributor is notified that "the movie was copied" " Copyright Match Tool We announced that we will add.

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Copyright Match Tool is a tool that runs automatically when a movie is uploaded to YouTube. When someone uploads a movie to YouTube, it starts searching for something that matches the movie posted on YouTube in the past. When you find the movie you want, YouTube notifies the original movie contributor that "the movie was copied."

In addition to being able to apply for deletion of the corresponding movie, the contributor who received the notice can also contact the user uploading the movie in question. Though these measures can be done immediately after confirming the posting of the movie of the problem, it is said that it is also possible for the contributor of the copied movie himself / herself to give 7 days delay to correct the problematic act .

According to YouTube, the Copyright Match Tool will be available from the week of July 15, 2018, initially publishing it for over 100,000 creators, incrementally increasing the number of users available over the next few months It is said that it will go.

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