I tried chocolate mint flavored "white chocolate mint soft cream" using raw leaves with Max Brenner

We are expanding chocolate specialty store in many countries "MAX BRENNER(Max Brenner) ", soft cream of mint flavor"White chocolate mint soft cream"Has appeared since Friday, June 15, 2018. I put "raw leaves of mint" as a topping in the soft cream, I actually bought and tried eating it because I was concerned about unfamiliar white mint flavored soft cream.

MAX BRENNER Chocolate mint series 3rd "White Chocolate Mint Soft Cream" has appeared! | Max Brenner: What's New

I came to "MAXBRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR (Max Brenner Chocolate Bar)".

There was nothing to announce the newly appearing chocolate mint soft cream around the shop, but when I headed to the entrance cash register, I found it in the menu. We will order the newly appearing "White Choco Mint Soft Cream" and finish the accounting.

"White chocolate mint soft cream" is the third volume of the menu entitled "MAX BRENNER Chocolate Mint Series" for the summer only. The first volume is "White Choco Mint Shake" the second volume is "Fresh Mint Chocolate Pizza", and this third round "White Chocolate Mint Soft Cream" is the last one to close.

Because there is an eat-in corner in the store, wait in the seat for a while until the item you ordered arrives. The inside of the store is decorated as "CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOU!(Chocolate is good for you!) "There is a chocolate colored pipe that imagines a chocolate factory on the ceiling.

"White chocolate mint soft cream" (580 yen including tax) arrived with a spoon in about 10 minutes after ordering.

The white soft cream part of "White chocolate mint soft cream" has become a mint flavor based on white chocolate.

Brown milk as a topping In addition to chocolate chunks and raw mint leaves, things like cookie crunch are sprinkled.

In the leaves of the eye-catching mint, there were also large ones with several pieces together.

Since it is a soft melting cream, it is recommended to start eating quickly.

The cool, "white chocolate mint soft cream" is finished in a creamy mint flavor. The milk chocolate chunk responds to the fragrant scent of chocolate and it adds accent of the texture crunch crispy.

At first there is a strong sense of refreshing feeling with mint leaves and lavish mint scent and chocolate chunk "eating chocolate mint flavor".

However, since only the surface has mint leaves, the presence of the soft cream portion gradually comes out.

In the soft cream part, the scent of mint and the feeling of soaking are weak, and there is no "scent like leaves" or "feel like respiration" seen in strong mint flavor. The refreshing feeling of mint is supporting to slightly refresh the aftertaste of sweetness. In other words, as you progress on eating, the stimulation and scent of mint will relax and the creamy soft cream will change strongly against it, so you will not feel tired of the taste.

Even if we eat a savory corn with Bari Bali, the point where the soft cream is packed until the end was also a nice point.

"White chocolate mint soft cream" can be ordered for all time at the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar until the end of August 2018. Please check the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar store from the following link.

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