I enjoyed the theme park and beautiful fireworks and went to 'Hanabi Fes.2018 in Laguna Beach' where I can enjoy the whole day

It took place on 30th May 2018Kyoto Arts FireworksLike fireworks events of a new form are born one after another in various parts of the country like. A new fireworks event in Gamagori-shi, Aichi Prefecture on June 9, 2018Hello Fes. 2018 in Laguna BeachIn fact, we have seen what kind of fireworks event it is.

Hello Fes. 2018 in Laguna Beach - Fireworks, Music and Food and ~

The place is Laguna Beach (Otsuka Kaihama Greenland) 2-39 Kaiyo Town, Aichi Prefecture.

Arrived at the venue.

Tickets for this event,Laguna Ten BoschIt also serves as a free passport for admission tickets and attractions.

It is said that we can ride the Ferris wheel which can see the whole venue for free, so we decided to ride.

Laguna Ten Bosch has various attractions including a roller coaster.

At the event venue Laguna Beach, we saw a state of preparation for the event.

Okinawa discovered that a ship was launched to launch fireworks.

Boats will be carried one after another. As seen from the event site, three vessels together, one vertically facing and two horizontally, were fixed in an arrangement that would make a triangle. Even the levees extending towards the sea on the far side are also lining up with fireworks.

There is still time until 15:00 which is the opening time, so I will spend the time enjoying the attraction at Laguna Ten Bosch.

I got soaked with a waterslider, but I went to the entrance gate as it was. It will be 15 o'clock and it is finally opening.

The sandy beach seat (4000 yen tax included for 1 person) is designated system, so you do not need to pick up places in a hurry.

The chair seat (4200 yen tax included) is lined up behind the sandy beach. This is also designated seat.

Here you can not only see the fireworks in the SS (7500 yen tax included), the best place in the center of the hall and also close to the barge ... ...

You can also see while falling asleep.

If you apply in advance, we will put it in the area for those who want to take a real firework photograph. It will be at the end of the venue, but the fireworks on the embankment side are spacious at places where you can see nearby, where you get lost where to shoot.

After securing the shooting place, we will visit the gourmet booth etc.

Performance by local artists was done at the stage of the lawn open space.

Check the contents during the wait time until the fireworks event.

Fireworks that can be launched at this event are "I have been watching "ISOGAI fireworks Theater" which can warm heart-warming Christmas Eve through collaboration of fireworks and music collided with the night sky"ofIsoya Smoke Store, ""What is it doing in a winter fireworks company? "I interviewed fireworks makers who are making videos that understand the things I want to know about fireworks, and also watched the fireworks factoryI covered atKato Hakuho Co., Ltd.It is co-starred with fireworks dealers who are familiar with the local Mikawa area.

I was able to meet Mr. Katsunori Kato Co., Ltd. Kato Hakuho Co., Ltd., preparing in the venue.

Mr. Yuki Nakajima introduced as a fireworks creator in the pamphlet "Kyoto Arts FireworksLecture fireworks also announced commentary on commentary. Those who support various fireworks festivals and related events, this fireworks festo also said, "I want to make a bigger fireworks event around the fireworks vendors loved by local people".

Although the schedule of various performances to be held on the stage was made public, the program of fireworks is unknown and it is not listed also in the pamphlet received on site.HOME MADE FAMILYOnly the information about music fireworks by Mr. MICRO's selection is released.

The start time came. When the sun goes down, the neighborhood becomes dark, and the audience waits for the start of the fireworks event at the designated place.

After the opening remarks were held at 19:20, on the stage prepared in the center of the hall, Noh music master Kyogen dialect Izumi Nomura 14th generation headYoshaburo Nomura"Mai of opening dance" by Mr. was done.

MICRO's announcement will flow when Mai Mai's dance is over. Mr. MICRO also said that "I was happy to participate in this event as being born in Kariya city in the same Mikawa area." Fireworks will start with the introduction of the FM radio style, "Opening please continue 3 songs from this song".Michael jackson"Black or White" is the first song.

When entering the rust, fireworks full of lively dynamism will also be launched from the front to the back in accordance with the beat from the levee, from the back to the front.

At the end of the song, the scale ball that blooms bigger flowers than ever before was rising, and the crowd gave a cheers and applause "Oh" from the audience.

Hoshino Sauce"love"

Aladdin"A Whole New World"

Fireworks fly obliquely from the embankment towards the center of the launch site. Yutaka SadoSiena Wind OrchestraWITH Shinku Association Choir "African Symphony"


"When I got the story this time, Mr. MICRO's announcement will flow and continue to the next song such as" CAN YOU CELEBRATE? "I wanted to see the fireworks with you all together" .Takuya Ohashi&Kazumasa Oda"Sure thing"

Hibari Misora"Like the flow of a river"

The songs are not simply flowing as BGM, but by matching the timing of the fireworks opening with melody and rhythm, it is becoming more entertaining fireworks directing.storm"One Love"

There was also a production in the medley with the theme of "thanks".IkimonogakariIn "Thank you", the hearts of the molds are laid one after another.

And then Smile.

DREAMS COME TRUE"thank you."

HOME MADE FAMILY"thank you!!"

Inoue Yosui·Tamio Okuda"Thank you"

Here, the last announcement from Mr. MICRO. At last it is the atmosphere of finale.Luciano Pavarotti"Nobody should sleep"

A scene that showed the highest excitement at the crown of the crown.

If it is a regular fireworks festival it was enough excitement even at the end here, but more songs will flow.Miyuki NakashimaAlong with "yarn", colorful fireworks like gems slowly rise to the night sky, one by one slowly.

I was able to see beautiful fireworks while immersing in the lingering finish.

This is the end of the fireworks launch. Fireworks at the barge and the embankment is waving a red torch towards the audience seating because "Fireworks master is waiting for the audience."

The spectator side sent a message of "thank you" to fireworks with a screen of mobile phone or smartphone.

At the venue adjacent to the theme park, if there is a fireworks event ticket, admission is free and attraction is free, so you can enjoy your day without wasting "enjoy at the theme park until the start of the event and enjoy watching fireworks at night" It is a good event. The bright and beautiful fireworks went up and I was able to enjoy the fireworks of fulfilling content with no tired eyes.

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