Fireworks run at the racetrack! I watched Kansai's first art fireworks "Kyoto Art Fireworks" that starts with clapping and ends with applause

In recent years, computer controlled fireworks have become popular, and many "fireworks programs" to be launched according to music have come to be seen, but there are cases in which it is a part of the fireworks display as a whole or in the finale It is a lot. Fireworks festival that fireworks that synchronize with music like this can be launched for about 1 hour in nonstop,Moerenuma art fireworks(Hokkaido)·Meito Waterfront Arts Fireworks(Aichi) -Mid-way art fireworks in the sea(Fukuoka Prefecture), etc. It is done as an art fireworks series. I actually saw this artwork fireworks being held for the first time in Kansai on May 30, 2018.

Kyoto Art Fireworks 2018

The place is located in Mukojima, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto PrefectureKyoto Racecourseis.

Arrived at Kyoto Racecourse in the convention venue. It was a situation where light rain was falling flat.

Paddock behind the hall, race horse and lots of visitors crowds on horse race day, but today there are no horses or people.

This fireworks display has all the seatsToll seatAnd there is no place to be seen for free in the venue. The pre-course area (3780 yen including tax) continues from end to end of the course at the racetrack.

In the stand seat (7560 yen including tax), the volunteer staff put the paper on which the number for the designated seat was written.

Volunteer staff and management staff such as college students and youth association who support this fireworks festival. When asked the staff of the art fireworks, "It is amazing that so many volunteers will participate in the first tournament."

The black object placed at the front of the auditorium is a speaker. They are lined up at an interval of about 25 m from end to end.

People who wish to see fireworks near by opening 10 minutes late from scheduled opening time 17 o'clock, securing a viewing area by laying a seat in the front row.

"When we secured the seat we had food," the food court shops were long lines.

It will be 18 o'clock, the event before the fireworksTRFofDJ KOO"The sunset glow disco" starts by.

"EZ DO DANCEWhen the flow came, the audience also raised a voice together at a whirlwind.

The rain which had been falling since morning ceases, the sunset goes much. After that, I just wait for the fireworks display to begin.

Fireworks display Confirm the contents before the performance. Art fireworks,PyrosmithFireworks Fireworks Created with Mr. Ryo Oya and Choreographer participating fireworks company. In the sense of choreographer choreographer, we are doing what fireworks are used, the timing of fireworks launch, and so on.

Three minutes before the start of the fireworks display, the lights in the venue were erased and only the promotion image reflected in the turf vision glows brightly. And as soon as the video of Turf Vision disappeared just before the start of the tournament, the applause got a nap from applause.

This time, special program "Arts fireworks lecture" is prepared because it is held for the first time in the art fireworks series. While actually raising fireworks, Mr. Yuki Nakajima of the fireworks expert explains the difference between chrysanthemum and peony and the kind of fireworks. The picture is a scene that explains the fireworks that make a change called Cross Set where the fireworks star is divided into four.

Despite the lecture fireworks, beautiful fireworks with high artistry rise.

Lecture fireworks last scene. Even here, clapping and cheering rose.

Finally, the main part starts.QUEEN'I Was Born To Love You'. In the turf vision, the song title was displayed for a while after the song began.

Rather than merely playing music on the back of the fireworks, the fireworks are wide and the timing matches the rhythm and the vocal, and in this scene the ascetic flour rising broadly on the way up flickering and blooming in sync with the echo of the vocal, Finally, the flowers of the large wheat blossom and it will rise up The audience is boiled.

So far the skyrocket only rose from the course on the front side of the turf vision toward the front of the turf vision, but I was surprised to hear from the course where the tiger is on the front side while making a sound with burrigari at the end of the song.

Immediately to the next song, the second songA single blueIt was "Hanamizuki" of. Some fireworks that seems to have imagined the dogwood are also launched.

While small flowers of thousands of rings are blooming, fireworks will be launched with a moist flow that matches the songs.

In the third song,RADWIMPS"Previous previous life".

In the fourth song,Beyoncé"Hello".

In the fifth song,The Beatles"Hey Jude".

In the sixth song,Maria Callas"Habanera (aria)".

In the seventh music,→ Pia-no-ja C ←"Beethoven Symphony No. 9 in D minor artwork 125" Chorus "Fourth movement".

In this song, "Fireworks of Omagari · Spring ChapterBut it was launchedHoshiya Omagari FireworksofLight Poo cafe styleDiscovered that fireworks appearing like it. In the spring chapter, lying downPooce CafeIt was open at an angle that would spill, but this time it was a huge success. Clapping hands with the voice saying "oh" also from the audience.

You can confirm with the following movie such as what kind of fireworks really is, and the reaction of the audience.

Representing the POOF · Cafe · style with fireworks - YouTube

In the eighth music,Hirahara Ayaka"Hisama - to the precious you". The brightest point visible to the lower left of big fireworks like Hoshima is the moon.

In the ninth song,Muse"Survival". Here, the tiger ran through the course of the horse race course from the left side of the front facing (2 corners) to the right side (3 corners), then from the front right side (4 corners) to the left side (goal).

Indeed, you can see how the tiger runs through the racetrack course in the following movie.

Tiger runs on the race track course! 【Kyoto Art Fireworks】 - YouTube

The end is approaching. In the tenth music,Frank Sinatra"My Way"

Ultra-wide fireworks using a racecourse will rise.

With the last reverberation of the song, fine sparks and thousands of flowers bloomed.

Although it is good to be a show at this last production of My Way, the art fireworks are a bit different. The finale is a continuous beating of a scale ball (about 30 cm in diameter, large ballad which extends over 300 m above the sky).

Miyuki NakashimaIn accordance with the "birth" of "the braid", the scale ball will go up one by one. When a beautiful quintuple was seen, the crowd was cheering from the audience.

About 16 shakuhachi balls were launched in succession. In the last ball, the crown spreads slowly over the sky above the racecourse, and at the end the blinking stars flashing disappear while leaving a lingering finish.

With the announcement that "Fireworks have ended with this," the audience is awkward, but nature and applause quickly emerge from inside the hall. By concluding with a glamorous last, by finishing with a highly artistic scale ball, it turned out that the art fireworks series is a fireworks festival that has confidence in the fireworks one by one with emphasis on artistry It was.

I felt the enthusiasm of the art fireworks series which I want to make a new value that "I enjoy high quality fireworks and directing by paying money" such as concerts and theater, challenging difficult things. This time,AgencyIt was a fireworks display held in commemoration of the relocation of Kyoto, but according to the staff, "I would like to continue even after next year", so if you are interested in Kyoto Art Fireworkshome pageYaTwitterPlease check it.

◆ Participating fireworks company
·Alps Fireworks Co., Ltd.
·Ando Smokefood store limited
·Itoi Fire Corporation Limited Company
·Ina Fire Engineering Limited Horiuchi Smokefood Store
·Kakizono fireworks limited company
·Kato Hakuho Co., Ltd.
·Northern Japan Fireworks Industry
·Kunitomo firearms gunpowder shop
·Komatsu Smoke & Fire Industry Co., Ltd.
·Oki fireworks head office Co., Ltd.
·Niigata Powder Fire Industry Co., Ltd.
·Nomura Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd.
·Hanabirando Co., Ltd.
·Hoshiya Omagari Fireworks Co., Ltd.
· Yamanouchi smoke-fire shop
·Wakino Art Factory Co., Ltd.

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