Watching fireworks while enduring the extremely cold at 3 degrees Celsius, "The 111th Nagano Ebisu Fire Fire Competition" was a spectacular fireworks display featuring full of fireworks stars

Speaking of fireworks festival, it seems to be a summer thing, but in reality it is done without being bound by the season, especially among the "Nagano Ebietsu Firework Festival"Continued from 1899, the fireworks display which has the history of the 111th in 2016, a large number of spectators such as tourists visit this firework display from the whole country. Since I saw that "Nagano Ebusu Fumao Fire Competition" trembling in the cold in the cold weather at 2 degrees Celsius, I tried to summarize the state of the fireworks display.

Nagano Ebietsu Firework Festival

"Fireworks"Refers to" large fireworks that require permission to launch "in legal terms, and the company that manufactures and launches is referred to as a fireworks shop and the craftworker as a fireworksman, but in general, fireworks companies · fireworks There are many cases to inscribe as a teacher.

I got out of the Nagano interchange at 3 pm and found a sign indicating the temperature on my way to the temporary parking lot. At 3 pm the temperature will be 4 degrees and it will be going to see fireworks in a rather harsh environment.

From the temporary parking lot, take the shuttle bus one way 400 yen (including tax) to the venue.

Arrived at the venue. This is near the east side gate where relatively few people.

There was a lot of tripods in the position where the large music star Mine could be seen in front, and it was full.

I went to the sales office to buy the convention program (300 yen for 1 part).

At this fireworks festival, 15 new fireworks contests from all over the country will be held. In the program, it is written which fireworks master raises fireworks of what theme.

Major fireworks other than the new fireworks contest are in charge of the fireworks Aoki smoke shop in Nagano City where this fireworks display is held and the Shinshu Fireworks Industry, and in which scene the company is in charge of which fireworks are listed in the program It is being done.

At 6 pm, the temperature just before the convention was 3 degrees. A strong wind is blowing from the back side, the sensible temperature is even lower, waiting for the start while trembling in the cold.

At 6 p.m., the countdown started, the opening started simultaneously with the count 0. The fireworks that fire in the clear winter sky of the air brightly shines the light, and it looks brilliant without blurring the color.

From the opening, cheers are raised from the venue with lively fireworks.

The first program "All-Japan Ten Ball New Fireworks Contest" began. The 10 th ball is a fireworks which can be launched a large ball of about 30 cm in diameter which is also called a scale ball. Raise this No. 10 ball one by one, compete for the artistic nature of the fireworks. First of all, from the fireworks of No. 1 "Akari Flower Hana Akari" Chikuhoku Fireworks Hori Rice Shosai Firehouse Store (Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture). I could not see the whole fireworks because I did not know where to start.

No.2 "Pure white flowers"Ina fire engine Horiuchi smoke fire store(Iijima Town, Nagano Prefecture).

No. 3 "Tenchu ​​peony with rising tune guidance" Kikuya Obata fireworks store (Takasaki city, Gunma), this was a gold medal.

No. 4 "Five Film Shiny Kinshiku Drops of Sparkling Sparkle"Hosoya Enterprise(Akiruno City, Tokyo).

No. 5 "Golden Otori Hana" Small mouth firewood (Suwa city, Nagano Prefecture).

No. 6 "Yaoi core rainbowl with rising tune guidance"Shiki Fireworks head office(Ichikawa Misato Town, Yamanashi Prefecture). Yae core is the name of the fireworks that draws a triple circle with two circle of core, together with the outside.

No. 7 "Fresh green ~ sparkling flowers ~"Niigata Powder Fire Industry(Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture).

No. 8 "pole of the five-fold core chrysanthemum with rising tune guidance" Shinohara smoked fire store (Suzaka, Nagano prefecture). Five-point core is fireworks that can produce five core + outer total, six-fold circle.

No. 9 "Ghost flower of light"Ikabun(Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture).

Number 10 "Dream Flower" Yamauchi Fireworks Store (Fuefuki, Yamanashi Prefecture).

Number 11 "One flower of flowers" Sekishima fireworks factory (Iida city, Nagano prefecture).

Number 12 "Flower of the early summer double flower" Kanno smoke fire store (Kawamata Town, Fukushima prefecture). It is a work that won first prize.

No. 13 "Chikuhana checker pattern"Maruyamaya Katsuki smoke store(Fuchu city, Tokyo).

No. 14 "Hope Flower" Hayado Tamura Smoke Fire Store (Chino, Nagano Prefecture). This fireworks was an excellent award.

Lastly, "Turquoise blue shining flower" Omagari fireworks chemical industry (Daisen city, Akita prefecture).

The new fireworks contest is over. From here, a small fireworks that raises the 8th and 10th balls one by one, a medium-size star mine where dozens of fireworks are launched one after the other, and more than 100 fireworks are launched according to the music A total of 40 programs including a large star Mine are assembled. It is a picture of a small fireworks and medium size Star Mine.

Variety of fireworks was also abundant, and it became content which was not getting tired at all on small and medium scale.

A super large Star Mine launching according to the music Star Mine music is a tournament's highlight. Music star Mine of red shop Aoki fireworks shop, Taiga dramaSanada MaruIt was star Mine according to the opening of. Fireworks of red - purple color flashed from the image of Yukimura Sanada.

Fireworks jetted from the ground are called tigers. In general, you can shoot tigers that you can throw directly above or in a fan shape, crossing them inwards, alternately blowing up as if to express battle in the battlefield, etc. Variations are abundant only in the tiger part I am surprised.

Extra wide deployment as well.

Music star Mine of Shinshu Fireworks Industry is "Takedown (Celldweller Remix)"It is a production in accordance with.

If the song makes a fireworks fireworks is also a star combination of splendid combination of songs.

The number of fireworks that will rise at the same time will also increase as the song rises.

Fireworks that can be launched all at the same time as the song ends.

Fireworks will be provided at the end of the fireworks display from the event organizer. Ballard song "Hakushin Ball 100 Random Order Oversized Star Mine"Night of full star"BGM, Shinshu Fireworks Industry and Red Shop Aoki Fireworks shop jointly launch it. It started with the directing that two balls of No. 8 are launched at the same time as if it represented a couple of couples.

In the first rust "like a star in the spring" fireworks are raised all at once with a composition that is mixed with cherry blossom fireworks in the spring-like fireworks. In the second rust "like a summer star", blue fireworks and sunflower-like fireworks were rising.

In the part that enters the last chorus In the scene of "tomorrow" or "anytime", the fireworks that the small flowers called thousands of rings open all together once perfectly in synchronism with the flow of the song It was a stunning director.

Goose bumps standing on a perfectly synchronized production.

In "like a star in the fall", a purple fireworks as if it represents the autumn cherry rose.

In the scene of "like a star in winter", fireworks with silver as the main go up, expressing the appearance of snow and one side of the silver world.

At the end of the song, the tiger launched into the cross, the crown sparkling with gold, the No. 8 ball with various color coins launched all at once.

It's enough to end this fireworks fair event, but the final program "Stopped Still" is still left. The injunction is a luxury thing to launch 15 bullets at once. The explosion sound when 15 shots of No. 10 opened all at once was a terrible sound.

The Nagano Ebusui Fireworks festival which lasted more than 2 hours was also over. At the end of the announcement, everyone applauds "Fireworks applauded to applaud" and everyone applauds and appreciates fireworks to support fireworks festival.

At the end of the fireworks display, the temperature had fallen to 2 degrees. It is very cold and painful appreciation, but this Nagano Ebusu Fire Fire Competition is one of the leading, such as being able to see fireworks that emit a powerful light different from the summer fireworks you see in the usual, and Music Star Mine by Japanese top class fireworks shop. It is known as a fireworks display. If you can cope with the cold we can secure the viewing area with plenty of time, so if you are interested please try and experience the powerful fireworks.

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