The direction that 360 degrees fireworks jump out from the air has also seen 'Okame no Kake Fireworks Spring Chapter 2019' where you can enjoy the fireworks of the world and Japanese fireworks

The fireworks festival on the theme of ' World Fireworks and Japanese Fireworks ' will be held in spring in the 'Okaki', the city of fireworks where the

national fireworks event will be held in summer, taking advantage of the International Fireworks Symposium held in 2017. I am This time, I have actually seen it being seen by a fireworks company in France and a large fireworks display suspended by three cranes.

Large song fireworks-Chapter of spring-2019 'Fireworks of the world-Japanese fireworks'

The launch site for the fireworks is the Ogaki Yumonogawa River in Daisen, Akita Prefecture.

Arrive at JR Omagari Station.

On the way to the Fireworks Festival site, the “

Okame Fireworks Traditional Culture Inheritance Museum ” is a new fireworks museum completed in August 2018.

The program being screened at the 4K theater has been updated since May, and has been changed to the scene of the fireworks launch site and the video of fireworks from last year's large songs.

At 5:30 pm, when the sun has fallen, we head to the fireworks display venue.

When you enter the venue and look at the launch site, you can see something hung on three cranes.

When I zoomed in and photographed, it was a firework launcher in which a number of firework tubes were arranged in a fan shape. It is said that about 400 cylinders are incorporated in one device.

Today's contents are confirmed by the program distributed at the time of entrance. Starting from 19:00 until the finale at 20:15, 'Competition of Creative Fireworks' by a local large-scale pyrotechnician, 'Launch of a large ball split-up competition' by a large-

scale fireworks company and the Japan Smoke Arts Association , Japanese fireworks as CO., LTD round Tamaya fireworks Fantasia 'PASSION !!' by the French as the world of fireworks Rujeri company programs such as due to the 'Parisian fantasy' has been organized.

Live broadcasts will be held at the venue via FM radio. From the left,

FM is Mr. Hiroshi Fujita of Nabi personality and Mr. Shinji Togashi of the NPO corporation Omagari Fireworks Club . Koichiro Konishi also adds to the commentary, but I can not see her.

When I looked for it, I was able to meet at the drink sales booth of Mr. Konishi's company in the hall.

If you have an admission ticket for a designated seat, you can enter the camera area on the bank. There is no congestion like summer

national fireworks events , and there are plenty of room on the slopes, so you can shoot beautiful fireworks that rise in large songs in a spacious environment.

10 minutes before the start.

At 7:00 pm, the Fireworks Spring chapter has started. Not only the launch site on the opposite shore, but also the audience side, fireworks called 'Tora' that fly from below are prepared, and you can see the fireworks with a perfect score.

After the opening fireworks, it is the first part competition contest to launch one of Japan's unique highly artistic fireworks carefully.

Hibiya Omagari Smoke Fire Co. , Ltd. 's ' Supple with quadruple core change chrysanthemum' and other 10 fireworks have been launched. The fireworks are also an opportunity to see again the works exhibited at the national fireworks event in summer, and among them the best works are seen.

Next, Fireworks Fantasia 'PASSION !!' by

Marutamaya Co., Ltd. will start from Japanese fireworks that is the theme of this fireworks display.

Fireworks Fantasia 'PASSION !!' 【October of Fireworks in Spring of 2019】-YouTube

In this program, it will be the turn of three fireworks launchers that are lifted by a crane. Fireworks were blown out 360 degrees from the launch pad in the air.

The photo below shows

the fireworks of the same program of ' Okameko Fireworks Spring Chapter 2018 ' held the previous year. Because huge fireworks can not be placed only at the left end of the venue due to the strength of the ground, there is a difference in the appearance and power at the edges of the venue, but this time, the fireworks are evenly distributed to three locations. It is arranged, and you can taste the great power fairly from anywhere in the venue.

From time to time, scenes show fireworks as if they were fired in various patterns and appear to be alive. There are a large number of fireworks that rise up, and it is only in the spring chapter that fireworks with such a sense of heart can be seen at the fireworks venue of the large song.

At the final stage, a large number of wide-opened fireworks will be launched and spread in front of your eyes. The direction of the wind may be a bad headwind for fireworks, and as the end of the season the smoke will fall down and it will be difficult to see the fireworks, but it will not look as white as the photos. The cheers rose.

There is smoke in the hall, so wait for the smoke to clear. Fragments of the jade shell covering the hirahira and the fireworks are falling from the sky.

Next is the second part of the Otama contest. Luxurious big balls made by craftsmanship rise.

Katagai Smoke and Fire Industry 'Attack to the Park with Double Breaks Two Stages'

The next is a contest of the creation fireworks by the fireman of the local Daisen city. Wakiya Co., Ltd., the title is 'Ginza Neon Paradise'.

Creative Fireworks Co., Ltd. Wakuya 'Ginza Neon Paradise' [Occasion of the 2019 Oomori Fireworks Spring chapter]-YouTube

A slow-moving, phase-shifting fireworks displays the flashing of a neon, according to the song of the same name in the Stardust Review . It was a creative fireworks that matched the features and the theme of the fireworks ball.

The title is 'STARS-The voice of the universe can be heard-'.

North Japan Fireworks Inc. 'STARS-I hear the voice of the universe-' [2019 fireworks of the song of the song of the big song]-YouTube

Fireworks are opening one after another with an image like drawing a picture on a night sky canvas from bottom to top ...

The drawings came out all at once and fireworks with a beautiful design were launched as if they were looking around the pictures displayed in the museum.

Hibikiya Omagari Smoke Co. , Ltd. , the title is 'Express ~ I will receive ~'.

Hibikiya Omagumi Smoked Fire Co., Ltd. 'Express-I will reach you-' [2019 Omagaki Fireworks Spring chapter]-YouTube

' Express feat. Silla (m Expressm) ' of HIDETAKE TAKAYAMA flows, and the fireworks based on green are launched.

When I checked out 'Express feat. Silla (múm)' is a song that I heard in the ear, I found that this song was a work with the motif of Kenji Miyazawa 's Galaxy Railway Night .

HIDETAKE TAKAYAMA 'Express feat. Silla (múm)' Music Video-YouTube

When I saw the MV of this song, there was a scene where flowers were handed out, and even in this creative fireworks, fireworks that expressed a single flower were up. The green meadow, the white clouds, the galaxy, etc. were also fireworks that let the viewer imagine that 'I was trying to express the image image of the song with fireworks in this creative fireworks.' It is also one of the fun of creative fireworks that you know the intention of the fireworks later.

Komatsu Smoke Engineering Co., Ltd. , the title is 'Ouka Kenran'.

Komatsu Smoke Industrial Co., Ltd. 'Ouka Kenran' [Occasion of 2019 Ogaki Fireworks Spring chapter]-YouTube

The green and cherry-colored, bright lights express the scenery of the cherry blossom trees.

Cherry blossoms snowflake and cherry blossoms fireworks went up one after another in full bloom cherry blossoms.

Then the program 'Fireworks of the World'. 'Parisian fantasy'

launched by France's Rugelli .

Fireworks of the world-Rugeli's 'Parisian fantasy' [Occasion of the spring of 2019 major song]-YouTube

By raising the fireworks to the melody of the ballet music, it looks as if the fireworks are dancing on the dance floor.

Lastly, fireworks went up one after another to BGM of 'heaven and hell' of the standard song

Offenbach in athletic meet and the like. As a feature of fireworks abroad, by directing the fireworks to the melody and rhythm of the song, you can see many effects that encourage the audience to dance.

Before the finale, it is the third part of the large ball competition. Fireworks with technology that is high enough to make a work of art with one shot of fireworks launch. Kikuya Kojima Fireworks 'Satoyama's Forgotten'

North Japan Fireworks Inc. 'Utopia with Ascension'


Smoke Fire Headquarters 'Sacred Flower with Ascension'

The finale is the title 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The fireworks of the finale using the famous song of

QUEEN which also became the movie title are launched.

'Bohemian Rhapsody' 【Fireworks of the 2019 Great Songs Spring chapter】-YouTube

It is also a work that makes sense to play with a full chorus for 6 minutes, and when I heard in advance, expectations are rising with the fact that “full chorus will strike in 6 minutes”.

In the first part of the ballad-style, fireworks are raised with a relaxed image, such as raising fireworks one by one, combining the afterglow of the piano and weeping willow.

In the second part of the ballad style, the thickness of the fireworks gradually increases, such as launching fireworks called Happou, one of the stars in the upper part of the photograph.

In the solo part of the electric guitar, there are also scenes where fireworks that blow from the bottom blow from left to right, right to left one after another according to the melody of the guitar.

The opera part is not on the other side across the river, but the firework fireworks set up in front of the audience seat blow out from a random position according to the words of the opera, the production with motion such as left half, right half, whole Speech balloon.

The rock-like parts are smashed with time-shifting fireworks, and the fireworks are bursting up and up. In the photo, the smoke is overlapped and not visible at all, but when I saw it live there, I was able to see each fireworks firmly.

In the final part, after launching fireworks called golden glittering crowns one after another and showing fireworks that spread out over the hall ...

While flashing in green, fireworks called falling leaves appeared while slowly burning for a long time, and they disappeared with the sound of a roar of bronze.

After the finale fireworks, a stop fireworks will come up to announce the end of this spring chapter.

The last is ale exchange with the famous fireworks displayer of the ever-popular fireworks . A south star “full of stars” flows to the venue, and the pyrotechnicians exchange red ales with the red torches and the spectators shaking penlights and smartphones. It is an inspiring scene that can only be tasted locally where you can feel 'the relief of the pyrotechnician who finished the fireworks display safely and the appreciation from the viewers'.

Fireworks in Omagari The spring chapter is not only an opportunity to know the difference between fireworks in Japan and the world, but also a summer competition where you can see the highly artistic fireworks balls and creative fireworks that can only be seen in competitions It is also the fireworks display of the good cousin of the meeting. There is no congestion like summer, so it is a great value fireworks display where you can taste the fireworks of a large song. In the fall, as a theatrical type fireworks, the fireworks festival '

Okatsuki no Oki no Oki Chapter 2018 ' will be held similar to the spring chapter.

Two days after the spring chapter, I visited the fireworks company Hibikiya Omagari smoke fire in Daisen city where the spring chapter was held.

A new factory is under construction on the premises. We are planning to visit again in the middle of October 2019 with a view of the autumn chapter and report because it is 'working around October when the autumn chapter is held'.

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