Microsoft acquired GitHub for over 800 billion yen, the openness of GitHub is expected to be maintained

"Prospect to acquire GitHubMicrosoft officially announced the acquisition. The acquisition amount is 7.5 billion dollars (about 820 billion yen), and the acquisition process is scheduled to be completed within 2018.

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GitHub and Microsoft negotiated on June 4, 2018, Microsoft decided to acquire GitHub for $ 7.5 billion (about 820 billion yen). GitHub founder and current CEO Chris One Strass will retire GitHub's CEO on Microsoft's technical fellows and Nat Friedman, founder of Xamarin acquired by Microsoft in 2016, will be the new CEO.

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Although it is GitHub that was supposed to be under umbrella of Microsoft, its independence is expected to be maintained. "We are proud that GitHub and the community have achieved over the past decade, the future of software development is bright, I am pleased to be working with Microsoft to support that," said Mr. One Strace. I will.

From the left, Mr. One Strauss, Mr. Nadera CEO, Friedman.

Currently, more than 28 million developers participate in GitHub and more than 85 million codes are shared.Open source of '.NET'IoT platform on Linux based "Azure Sphere"Or announcing"Open source of WindowsTo tell the possibility of saying the possibility of GitHub in recent years, Microsoft decided to emphasize open source software, the acquisition of GitHub seems to demonstrate great effect in tackling the power of the open source community.

Nadera CEO is Microsoft blog, "Developers will become the central entity to solve the most challenging problems the world faces, but the true power of software development is created by all developers together "By cooperating, sharing code, and building each other's work together," Microsoft was a company of "developer first" from founding to this day. When a person creates technology it makes another The creation of human technology is the core of Microsoft 's mission of helping all people and organizations on the planet to accomplish more. "

GitHub, which is under the umbrella of Microsoft, will keep its independence in the future, but developers using GitHub seem to be actively moving the move project from GitHub to GitLab immediately after the acquisition announcement You can tell from "Grafana" data.

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